Monday, January 30, 2012

some updates

hi all, sorry for neglecting this blog for awhile.

for the longest time, i have been feeling unwell in a certain part of my body and have been running around seeking medical treatment. only early this year have i decided i will take a step further by approaching the hospital to see a specialist. for now, i'm still on medication and awaiting review so please pray for me. it has been a roller coaster of emotions ranging from frustration to anxiety which involves some tears most of the time. in honesty, who isn't fearful of the unknown especially when health is part of the picture. this episode made me realize how important one's health is and without health, literally everything else like dreams and goals cannot materialize either. on the scrapbooking side, i didnt have the energy or drive to craft but i am slowly picking up and readjusting myself mentally and emotionally. so please bear with me especially on the DT side if i haven't been very active. truly a struggle to want to do your best for somthing and yet fail because the heart is weak due to the mountains of worries.

i am taking it slow and doing other smaller stuff to keep myself stress free so please bear with me if you dont see very much crafty updates for awhile. review's on the 7 Feb so i will know by then what exactly is wrong. had my checks and scans already so i'm really praying there is nothing major. will come back to update again. thanks and God bless!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Giveaway #1 Winner!

Thank you all for taking part in my first giveaway, for following my blog & liking my facebook page. Very blessed and very grateful for your support & readership!

And now i would like to announce the winner for my very first giveaway!


(i used the draw lots method & got my colleague's help to pick just to be fair...)




Congrats Sharon! (: Please email me at siajuanna@gmail .com with your mailing details so i can get the goodies to you. just so you know, there will be extra scrappy goodness in the package. enjoy!

have a blessed week all! flu bug's going around and i've got bitten. take extra care! God bless!