Thursday, December 30, 2010

one LO done and a card to go.

yes, i managed to churn out one LO last night for something that will be revealed only if my first step of faith works out that is ;p gonna be working on another card tonight, teehee.

no photos yet till i am all done! (: and i am happy because i managed to clear out some older craft materials especially that white mini picket fence by using it on the LO. yay! so now there's more space for new materials? *wink*

but still, its an exciting week for me, with the meeting of a deadline for my step of faith and new year's eve and new year plans. haven't gone around thinking of resolutions yet but i believe this time, i'm going to be even more realistic to keep the resolution list short and precise so that i can achieve them instead of leaving the goals for show.

okay, i'm outta here, have a blessed new year everyone! (:

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

elated with my progress

yes, as the title says, i am elated because i think i'm getting a little better at scrapping and thinking out of that narrow box. considering i always thought ribbons were meant only for bows, i progressed to using ribbons to make flowers (:

and i want to exclaim real loud here, washi tape really rocks my socks! its so versatile and easy to use! its like, those tapes fill the gaps when you sit there stumped, wondering what's missing in your art work and wala! washi tape comes to the rescue!

thanks to my friend eliz, also a fellow scrapper, she informed me that urban write was carrying some of those delightful tape. got my hands on 4 different rolls. coupled with the 6 rolls on the way from rachel, i have a total of 10 rolls of tape now! yay! (told you i was a materials hoarder yikes.} okay can i harp alittle more on how much i love urban write? its pure joy! i wish i had an ntuc trolley and i could run through those shelves of scrappy goodness, filling my trolley abrim! haha. yes i wish.

i finally made my first purchase over at as well. got my hands on all the basic adhersives like glossy accents, tape glue, foam dots and glue dots, a bunch of AC and dear lizzy thickers plus those nic nacks. happy. so now with all the tools and stuff, i have no reason not to scrap up a storm!

i completed a scrappy altered frame for my boyfriend. its becoming a tradition for me to scrap something for him and it makes me a very happy girlfriend that's for sure. he is not a very artsy person but i know he appreciates the little diys (: this year for Christmas, he got me a canon selphy photo printer and he said this that touched me very much. he thought that the printer would be the most apt present for me to show his support for my scrapping passion. now i can print photos in the comforts of my home with ease for my LOs, altered works etc (:

here are some photos of the frame which i would be giving him on our Christmas date on the eve. we will also be celebrating with my family on the actual day after Christmas service. blessed!

going for the fun and bright theme (:

handmade flower from ribbons





alrighty, will be back soon with more! blessed Christmas & a happy new yr!

Friday, December 17, 2010

back from a long hiatus!

okay i'm finally back to this page! although i haven't been writing here, i've not stop scrapping that's for sure.

been an exciting 2 months i must say. attended my second scrapping class, this time, i made a notebook from scratch and altered a plain photo frame! it was a excellent class, and got my hands dirty with distress inks and all that stamping. my first try at stamping too and realise how challenging it could be to get the ink stamped right! used the binding machine too, and i finally got all my curiousities satisfied. have always been wondering how some people made such pretty notebooks!

then there was a uni Christmas outing and i made cards! that wasnt the end of my card making because i made some thank you cards for an event in my office too! and i still think handmade cards beats store bought ones hands down (:

some photos for your eyes. really simple stuff but i'm learning and getting better (:

altered arts from a private class with Rachel from Scrappin Love! (












handmade cards!


{the abv was featured in made with love's "this week's layouts!}

i'll be back with more scrappy stuff soon! gonna make some LOs and alter a frame (another special project for someone special heh.) and yes, i'm also gonna go get more scrappy tools and supplies from i spotted some stuff i'm so gonna get my hands on! (:

have a great rocking December!

Friday, November 12, 2010

post exam scrapping class!

okay, i've just confirmed myself for a private class with Rachel from scrappin love! she will be teaching a few of us on how to diy photoframes and notebooks, scrapping style! awesome!

really looking forward to gain new experiences and insights before coming back here to share.

its been a long and busy few weeks, rushing to finish assignments and making lots of effort to revise for my exams- papers on the 20 and 26 Nov, pls pray that i will do great!

check out scrappin love's awesome page before you go!

God bless your weekends (:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a world of possibilities!

knowing how much possibilities my passion in scrapping can lead to, i am so much more motivated to work towards it.

i know i shouldn't be all that ambitious but i gathered since i am still young and have that energy, i should not let my youth go to waste.

so its my goal to:
- pick up new techniques
- go for the SDU basics and master prog
- attend technique classes
- read up
- be daring in experimenting
- learn to sew
- pick up painting again from where i left off years ago (kind of regretted quitting my art classes when i was young. 6 years of drawing and painting should now be put to good use ya?)
- break out of the rut, think out of the box, rid of that structured mindset of mine!

when all that's accomplished and i feel really ready and confident, i will try sending my applications out to design team calls to get some first hand experience. (:

and then i can think about taking scrapping to a whole new level!

exciting journey of creating yeah?

anyway, Made with Love's got loads of promotions coming along this Nov! because its their 7th birthday! awesomeness! its time to get some inks, and stock up on somemore scrappy products for my December break. i'm anticipating a whole lot of scrapping to do and maybe a class or 2 to attend (:

check this link out for the promotions & coupons!

i was also featured in the recent Made with Love blog entry:
they featured my first layout and i am really happy, a first! truly an encouragement and a great pick-me-up.

mood's been pretty low lately due to an overwhelming work and school stress. guess there are things i have to let go in order to experience the better things in life i may have missed out on as i whallow in self pity. God is good and i know i can cling on to Him in my dark valley experiences. Amen.

and the last update, i received my creating keepsakes magazine yesterday via airmail. thanks piradee for the chance to win! there's so much to learn after giving the mag a good browse. very psyched to try making my own emblishments.

no artworks for now till the end of nov, after my papers (:

p.s something i learn last week: scrap materials need not come from the shops, it could be anything from your day to day living, like servettes, bottle covers, newspapers, old toys, tissue boxes etc adding bits and pieces of things from your daily life adds meaning to your LOs.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

its the start of something new.

okay, i finally got over my laziness and decided to start a scrapping site to journal my experiences scrapping, my inspirations, my story and so much more. and i'm hoping my site will similarly motivate others to learn, to scrap and to live life to their best!

bucketful of raindrops means to me, collecting drops of inspiration, drop by drop!

yay (: more to come, God bless!