Tuesday, June 28, 2011

and after 3 long years, i am finally a social work graduate!

as the title speaks, i am finally done with university!

it has been a good long 3 years of working and studying concurrently. the journey i  wouldn't say was easy peasy but God used these 3 years to teach me many lessons like patience, waiting, timing and seasons. He showed me what a big God He is and can be and the miracles that can only happen through Him. He brought me through my degree with good results. for the first time, my transcript looks decent with As and Bs. Not a single C or D in sight and He can only be the reason for this achievement.

am thankful for the boyfriend who walked me through these 3 years too. the times where he came in to give me ideas for my essays or the time where he helped to break down and analyze statistics. giving thanks also for the encouragement he gives me constantly and the waits outside my exam hall after almost every paper, ever ready to give me that hug i need after a tough period of mugging and sitting for my exams.

a special mention to the best supervisor one can ever have- Valerie. she prayed for me, she taught me things that i can never learn in the classroom, she made me feel that i can be a good social worker someday too and so much more. she is the only social worker thus far that i feel, deserves every bit of respect and appreciation. thank you Val for journeying with me.

so many people to give thanks for. looking forward to my convocation in Oct where i will put on that gown and motar board, moving forward to another phase of my life. i believe that God will continue to grow me in whichever season He will be bringing me into. i don't have to fear a thing. (:

its a happy occassion and i am blessed to be able to share my joy with all of you!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Once Upon a Sketch 15th June Challenge

This is the sketch for June 15th's:

Journalling Criteria: The theme 'A Moment In Time'. You can interpret this any way you like, but you must journal at least 4 sentences on why your pictures are memorable. 

When i first caught a glimpse of this sketch, my mind immediately turned to a layout i did awhile back. i do not know if it is applicable to be submitted but i thought, why not? heh. the journalling in my layout was pretty apt too. basically, the journalling speaks of my identity. i chose these personal photos of mine that i felt reflected freedom, self-assurance and being grounded in who i am authentically. the journalling also talks about my quirks and how i am proud of those quirks even if they are not cool enough.

life can catch up with us when we least expect it and many times, we are swayed and drawn by what the world views as good enough that we lose the identity that belongs to us. this layout serves as my personal reminder of what i love about being me in times of self doubt. (:

here's my layout, thanks for dropping by!


God bless and may each of you find joy in being authentically you because you're special! (:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

3 years milestone.


so finally, we are reaching our 3 year milestone of togetherness on the 22 June 2011. its a journey of good times and bad times, a journey of changes and adaptation, a journey of ups and downs and most of all, a journey with a hope for a better future together. we will get there. (:

to mark this special day, i made something out of a canvas i bought from Lia off her site about a month ago. misted it, stamped it, added papers, embellishments, photos. wala! the completed piece. i'm really satisfied with the final outcome and i do hope dear will love it too.

we had our advanced 3 year dinner yesterday at concorde hotel. its called harvest of the sea buffet and we were really contented with the meal. pretty good spread and quality at a good price. yums (: we are really food people, the both of us. i think a huge part of our dates revolve around food and new food places haha.

the finished product!



love the butterfly on the vine.

must improve on my stamping hehe!

some fussy cutting (:

hope your weekends were smashing! God bless!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

special project for a special milestone

the 3 years mile stone is reaching us very soon. slowly but surely, by the grace of God, boyfriend and i have braved and weathered the many ups and downs, good times and the times where change overwhelms us. i'm excited at what life would bring us in the years ahead but right now, a scrappy project is a must to celebrate.

thought long and hard what have i not made for boyfriend (he says his room is turning into an art gallery. heh). decided to use the 12x12 canvas i purchased a month ago to work around with. was very happy with the progress. i misted the canvas just yesterday night. if you know me, misting can be terrifying because i have not quite mastered it but thank God, it turned out the way i would want it to (: think soft yellow and blue hues with some blending in between with the accidental swipe of the tissue paper! but the accident was a good accident because i love it!

did some precision cutting on some websters country estate + other papers. still working on it, not even half done but i'm positive i will like the final turnout. (: thinking of stamping and embossing too tonight, can't wait to get home to give it a go. so here's my wordy updates on what i have been up to.

and also i want to give thanks to Justina for the cat kit! okay so i don't have a cat but i have an "adopted" stray cat around my work place. i say that counts in some sense. :p heh.

i guess you scrappers should have heard the awesome news about Amy Tan and American Crafts collaboration? excitement was seriously bursting out of my veins there and then! i can't wait to lay hands on whatever's coming up. and i can't wait for Smash too. decided i am going to get myself the black folio.

God bless your week!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

MWL Set Scrap & Go Challenge #3- Pooi's

i'm in love with my layout. i think this is one of my favourites of all the layouts i have done so far. used the eco park's springtime collection. love the collection's soft colours. gave my layout that cheerful, happy vibes! did this layout for Pooi's Set, Scrap & Go Challenge #3. dear came by my place and it was nice to have him around; albeit playing with his iphone, to accompany me as i scrap. (: so here's my take for the challenge, enjoy and thanks for looking (:



Used fabrips from Studio Calico for the mini clothes. and some pegs too! i like this!

journalling on kraft paper. love kraft, so versatile!



have yourself a great weekend! God bless!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Cards for a Cause- girly ones

boys cards were done and i managed to wrap up two more cards for the children, this time, girly cards! now all that's left are messages of affirmation and they are ready to be sealed in the evelopes and be handed over to Art Republic. bet all of you are dancing happy dances that friday's finally here, a glorious weekend to forward to!

Cards for a Cause- Bravo


Cards for a Cause- For you

have yourself a very blessed TGIF and happy scrapping if you intend to craft up a storm this weekend!

and it feels so good to scrap!

oh yes its so good! so good to scrap without feeling guilty and that i'm not studying hard enough. being able to sit in peace to scrap my hearts out is a blessing and a very good way to let off the work steam.

i managed to finish up the cards meant for the kids, will be dropping by Art Republic tomorrow to hand over those cards and i hope the kids will smile and be blessed. its not a big gesture but something i can do within my means i guess. (:

secondly, i finally finally got to play with my crate paper, emma shoppe goodness! this is my favourite collection out of all the crate paper collections i have come to be in contact with. i just couldn't resist not buying their papers, the embellisments, the alphas! used my favourite collection for a favourite photo of mine. it was taken by my cousin, Rebecca on my actual birthday this year with the bouquet of surprise roses that dear had the deliveryman sent. this year, dear was unable to spend my special day together because he was deployed for elections day duties. yes, my birthday happened to be on elections voting day. haha! i think i was more excited to vote for the first time than remembering i'm actually 24 already!

okay so here's my layout, pretty simple and straightforward. intention was to let the beautiful paper shine like it already is (:





blessed night everyone! will continue working on one more layout for pooi's challenge on the mwl forum and be back to share somemore photos!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cards for a cause (:

i'm back from my scrapping hiatus and its awesome to still get encouraging comments on my posts. so blessed (:

so anyway, shortly after the end of exams, i saw an appeal for cards by Art Republic (a scrapbooking store in Novena Sq) on facebook and decided what could be better than a combination of scrapping and a meaningful cause. just abit of background, i think Art Republic's doing some initiative for children who have recovered from their cancer treatment. so the cards are for these children. you can make one card or you can make a few. once you're done, drop the cards off at Art Republic, deadline's 11 June 2011 if you want to help.

i managed to finish two yesterday night. the completed ones are for boys. gonna do another 3 more by this thursday night for girls. so glad that my time could be spent in this manner, to scrap and bless someone out there. i'm sure all of you scrappers feel the same way yeah? (:



God bless these strong and brave children! will be back soon with more cards!