Tuesday, June 28, 2011

and after 3 long years, i am finally a social work graduate!

as the title speaks, i am finally done with university!

it has been a good long 3 years of working and studying concurrently. the journey i  wouldn't say was easy peasy but God used these 3 years to teach me many lessons like patience, waiting, timing and seasons. He showed me what a big God He is and can be and the miracles that can only happen through Him. He brought me through my degree with good results. for the first time, my transcript looks decent with As and Bs. Not a single C or D in sight and He can only be the reason for this achievement.

am thankful for the boyfriend who walked me through these 3 years too. the times where he came in to give me ideas for my essays or the time where he helped to break down and analyze statistics. giving thanks also for the encouragement he gives me constantly and the waits outside my exam hall after almost every paper, ever ready to give me that hug i need after a tough period of mugging and sitting for my exams.

a special mention to the best supervisor one can ever have- Valerie. she prayed for me, she taught me things that i can never learn in the classroom, she made me feel that i can be a good social worker someday too and so much more. she is the only social worker thus far that i feel, deserves every bit of respect and appreciation. thank you Val for journeying with me.

so many people to give thanks for. looking forward to my convocation in Oct where i will put on that gown and motar board, moving forward to another phase of my life. i believe that God will continue to grow me in whichever season He will be bringing me into. i don't have to fear a thing. (:

its a happy occassion and i am blessed to be able to share my joy with all of you!


  1. Yipppeee! That's great news! Praise God! *gives pat on the back*

  2. Congrats! You will have more time for scrapping :)