Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Going on to 2014.

2013. How should I begin to describe the year. There were hits & misses that's for sure. Things to give thanks for and things also to let go and let God. My biggest takeaway would perhaps be a greater clarity over a certain decision and the peace to slowly lay it down. It has been a tremendous blessing to be reminded by God over His control of the future through two verses:

Rev 3:8
I know your deeds. See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut. I know that you have little strength, yet you have kept my word and have not denied my name.

Psalm 65:11
You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.

For the second verse, it was amazing how God confirmed it again through my colleague Rachel who came to me with the exact same verse. God is so good, thank you for the assurances for the new year, I believe God knew about my innermost fears and the assurances came haha, like tidal waves!


I have 10 goals set for the year as per tradition:

1. Come up with a new and better bible reading plan.
2. Utilize the gym membership more.
3. Eat cleaner, eat healthier.
4. Re-open  Colourful Raindrops Co. (This has been my wish for the longest time, to put in more into growing this and I sense that 2014 is the time.)
5. Explore serving in church again. (After wandering around for 2 years, 2013 saw me being part of CG: Hallomai! Next step, to pray over the ministry to serve in.)
6. Let go. Await open doors.
7. Healing of the self. Self-care. In relations to No.6.
8. Learn new crafty skills: Silk Screen Printing, Painting, Graphics Design.
9. Learn to bake/cook.
10. Blog regularly. Read weekly. Learn from others.

And lastly, I present to you, my one little word for year 2014:


 photo 0c4998da2c66ac7581c80bad345777a8_zpsc1cf817b.jpg
Happy blessed new year to all! Thanks for coming by! The new year will be fabulous, I truly believe so!

Friday, December 20, 2013

My Christmas List.

My favourite festive season of the year. The air would be filled with strains of Christmas carols, busy shoppers shuttling around buying gifts, the entire street of Orchard Road would be decorated with sparkly tinsels and clothed in reds and greens, the list is exhaustive. Yes, this is Christmas, my favourite day of the year.

In line with this happy occasion, thought I would share my Christmas list. These are things on my hit list!

From the left:
1. Silhouette Cameo- The "mother" of all cutters. Enough said. The mister got me this one for Christmas! Can't wait to start cutting!
2. Saltwater Sandals in brown. I do not know why I am so taken with this pair but I am and I have since ordered myself a pair over Amazon! Hah! Talk about patience.
3. The Flower Recipe Book. I am smitten by the beautiful pictures of these wild floral arrangements. Reviews says that the book's easy to follow instruction will guide reader in putting together their own bouquet easily. Yes please.
4. Silk Screen printing. A class I would really love to go for in 2014. Imagine the things I could do thereafter!
5. A frivilous desire: A pair of tortoise shell raybans! 
6. Am a huge fan of the volkswagen camper van so its not surprise I would want it in the LEGO version. Of course if I could just take a spin or even own a real one, that would be fab. But for now, models of the real thing would suffice.
7. A Singer sewing machine. My future scrapbook room will be perfect with one. Just saying. ;p
8. Mulberry Soft Leather Hobo. The braided strap and bag's slouchiness took my heart away.
9. A mint green coloured KitchenAid. This would of course make a perfect kitchen too. Heh.

So what's your list? Blessed Christmas and God bless you! (:

Layout | Awesome.

 photo photo_zpsc58884c2.jpg

A layout completed long ago but never quite got around sharing it on the blog. Using mainly Crate Paper products. Painted that title myself. Getting quite over the use of alphabet thickers. Accumulated quite a fair bit over the years and its always the same issue of having too many leftovers of the same letters haha. One of my boldest colour yet as the base for this layout and I think I would love to use bolder colours more often!

I really love how easy it is to put a layout together by layering chipboard. I love the dimensions created by the chipboards on paper. It has become a personal obsession of mine to grab a crate paper chipboard sheet the moment a new one's launched.

December's almost coming to an end, are you excited for the new year because I am!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 photo photo1_zpsef632603.jpg
I like this picture. Saw this on (Pinterest). It makes me feel liberated for some strange reason.

Reading: Tempting Fate by Jane Green. I finished Best in me by Nicholas Sparks and it was a good albeit emotional read.

Listening: Set Fire to the Rain by Adele

Planning: An exercise and "Eating Cleaner" regime. I am thinking Body combat on one week, Pilates on another. Fruits and lots of veg and possibly one supplement thrown into the equation.

Busy with: Outreach events at work as Christmas is coming. Of course, wedding planning. (:

Thinking: Materializing dreams in 2014.

Loving: My new book- Paper to Petals. I'm so psyched and I can't wait to start creating some blooms out of crepe paper!

 photo photo2_zps604f9964.jpg
Inspired by: Pinterest. I have been following a lot more boards, a lot more creative people and I am so inspired. Mind-blown in a good way!

Savouring: The amount of annual leave and time offs for Dec. These breaks have been doing me a whole lot of good but the breaks can also be a tad bit dangerous as my mind goes wandering of lofty dreams & possibilities when the house comes along. Chants *art studio art studio* heh.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Drury Lane Cafe | Cafe-Hop & Scrap Sesh.

After our last scrap session at L'etoile café, we wanted to do it again and we were looking for a new location for novelty's sake. It had to be quiet enough and private enough to do our art and not feel like we were hogging a table for too long. Drury Lane proved to be the perfect place with its more private second floor. There were several bigger tables and we managed to snag one for ourselves.

I like the vibes of this café. Very raw and old school kind of setting- think old shop house and lots of wood. I like the fact that there is free wifi, water and pay-as-you wish muffins. That's such a cool idea!

 photo 5_zpsbe7dae91.jpg
 photo 3_zpsac356636.jpg
 photo 4_zps6d345fa2.jpg
 photo 2_zps8e59ab32.jpg
 photo photo5_zpsfd00d6e0.jpg
 photo photo4_zps4919a0fb.jpg
 photo photo3_zps0aecde1c.jpg
Love the berry cooler, refreshing with real pulp! Chocolate tart's pretty decent but nothing to rave about.
 photo photo1_zps7eff4def.jpg
Pancakes' really good stuff, soft, warm and fluffy! It comes with honey and berry compote.

This café's worth a visit! You will find many other cafes along the same stretch so you can imagine I can't quite contain my excitement. Tanjong Pagar's such a gem, I will be back!
Drury Lane
94 Tanjong Pagar
Singapore 088515
Tel: +65 6222 6698

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Singapore Biennale 2013

My favourite bi-yearly affair- Singapore Biennale! Its always most exciting to see what artists around the world, in particular Asia creates. My favourite would most definitely have to be 3D installations. And I have to comment that this year's art installations are amazing! Even the not so arty farty fiancée is impressed with 2 in particular. No regrets paying a visit to the Singapore Art Museum. We have 3 other places to comb.

You just have to pay $10 and you will get yourself a guide book and admission to the museums hosting the artworks for Sg Biennale. The exhibition's till 16 Feb 2014 so there's still lots of time for you to go have a look!

 photo 5_zps8baabcbd.jpg
 photo 1_zpsd9648cc2.jpg
 photo 2_zps57022a94.jpg
 photo 6_zpsfa4eb50c.jpg
 photo 7_zpsdb4c7c58.jpg
 photo 8_zpsa5d88391.jpg
 photo 10_zps869a87c0.jpg
 photo 9_zps6354182e.jpg
 photo 3_zps1b401cd2.jpg
 photo 4_zpsa394733e.jpg
So much possibilities and surprises behind every door, that's what I love most about art and museums!

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Blogging from: Bus, on the way to church.
Listening to: The Sam Willows
Reading: Mr Penumbra's 24-hr Library 
Digging: That floral pair of Doc Martens & that brown Saltwater Sandals. 
Wishes: To adopt a dog or a cat. Needs another pet in my life, I am ready.
Wants to: Correction. Need to craft more, hands are itching to but time doesn't seem to permit much. Gah.
Looking forward to: Bangkok Trip- Café Hopping, shopping, eating. Lots of eating.

A work in progress that I really need to sit down & finish. October's a crazy month, hopefully November will be a more manageable one. Have a good weekend!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Layout | X2

One of the shortest layout title to date. I was sitting there, wondering what would make a good title and I just couldn't think of one. Decided on x2, short (very short) and sweet. Heh! Decided that I should make a list of potential titles in my notebook so when I am dry on titles, I can refer to my list for some help!

 photo photo_zps69a15ed9.jpg
It was always something that I wanted to do on my layouts- scrapbooking an LO with the element of painting and drawing. It was really fun to whip up this LO with bright and happy colours. I used my new Windsor & Newton watercolour paints here. The colours were really bright initially and I felt that it was very much an isolated segment on the LO because of how striking it was. Decided to mute the colours by putting on a layer of vellum and then tracing the outlines of my doodle with my black Zig pen.
Drawing and painting on the LO or even mini albums would not be the last here. I have some more ideas to try. Thanks for coming by and all the kind words on my facebook & instagram. It is truly because of encouraging friends like you that keeps the passion of crafting alive! (:

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Made with Love is back!

 photo 1234104_10151601348312131_1285229071_n_zps89754f0d.jpg

After much wait, my favourite scrapbooking store is back; bigger, better & brighter! *cheers* Had to be away in Malaysia on their grand opening day so I could only make it down on Saturday. Again, it was so meaningful not just because I could shop again in my favourite place to be but I met so many scrappy friends again- Gen, Aida, Ai Yen, Carol, Debbie, Jie Ying, Junni, Jesslyn, Jasmine, Alice, Jeanette, and Eliza! Hehe, you can tell I'm excited to see these people!

I love everything about the new place- organized, bright, spacious, I love the see through classroom too! There is so much familiarity and closeness in MWL that makes it such a special place for all of us.
 photo 1239931_10151601348337131_1183336555_n_zpsd878d445.jpg
 photo 1187275_10151601348452131_1347827969_n_zpse3ab25c0.jpg
 photo 565057_10151601348392131_1089752290_n_zps0c64b26c.jpg
 photo 537976_10151601348677131_1512697313_n_zps00cc8787.jpg  photo 1237090_10151601358957131_1551917981_n_zps8d5ba7b4.jpg
So good that you're back!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Layout | Story Time

Start of a new week, and a short one at that. I will be away from Wed to Fri for my company's corporate retreat. Praying for a fun & meaningful one, always exciting to meet & catch up with friends from other centres!

So here's one layout for the week. As you can see, I do not often play with G45 papers but this line- Mother Goose, had me making purchases of the papers. I have always loved Mother Goose nursery rhythms, even at this age. I found the designs to be really cute and the graphics big enough to be cut to form a bigger picture on my layout; which I loved after putting it all together.

 photo photo_zpsf56f217d.jpg

I really need to start getting into the habit of taking more shots of the different layout angles. Each time when I am snapping, I am always in a rush and have to get out of the house for one thing or another. Free mornings with the natural lights are rare and few. I have to work out a strategy of some sort! Haha! Have a good start to the week! God bless!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pinspiration | Aztec

I have been seeing too many Aztec prints on clothes, carpets, fabrics etc and I am in love. Aztec prints have been in the rage for a long time and I think that it is not going to die down that easily. Prints on carpets really give the room a pop of colour and I would so love to keep this idea for my future home. Here are some ideas from Pinterest that inspired me on the home front and yes scrap wise too!
 photo e17ca3e41ec2ddcca1e04425f37594eb_zpse950e4ce.jpg
 photo b64f4d807a2d58e16ef479ff31b2c287_zps532f532a.jpg
 photo a902a859486291610c794ff9f4bd7f9d_zpsbacc0d18.jpg
 photo 0b09603fc3d1462f414e0e05c1f9fe98_zpsc748172a.jpg

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Layout | My Song

I have been obsessed with the song Yellow by Coldplay. It is on replay mode and I cannot begin to tell you how talented Coldplay is. So I turn my favourite song into a layout.

As you can see, I attempted to write slightly more cursive than usual in a black sharpie, and I must say I like how it looked even if the handwriting isn't perfect. That's art for you right? Art is never about perfection but boldness to unleash.

 photo photo_zps3d5ddbff.jpg

It was intentional for the colours to stand out amidst the monotone lyrics and backing of layout. I used a favourite photo of mine from last month's MT expo. It is always nice to just scrap for no reason but just for yourself and there is no care whatsoever if it looks good but more importantly the meaning behind the layout for you. I really want to do this more often. God bless!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Crate Paper's Aug Creative Weekly Challenge: Navy & Sequins

Last month, Crate Paper hosted a challenge with the theme Navy & Sequins. I really has so much fun playing along with this challenge and what was even better was that I kind of had the right supplies on hand that I could use for a layout. Crate's design team members like Jeanette & Evelyn's layouts inspired me to give it a go too.

I have to confess, it has been quite awhile since I joined a challenge and it felt really good to do this again, what's more with my favourite brand!

So here's my take:

 photo LO_1John419_zps9b0c1b45.jpg

I created a border on the paper as part of the design and filled this frame border with sequins and had it hand sewen onto the paper. Crate's chipboards really makes layering extra fun!

And for the happy news, I was one of the runner-ups for this challenge and my layout was featured on Crate Paper's blog: http://crate.typepad.com/cratepaper/2013/09/the-moment-that-so-many-of-you-have-been-patiently-waiting-for-the-winner-of-the-august-creative-weekly-challenge-navy.html

Totally made my day and this encouraged me to continue joining challenges, not for the purpose of winning but to keep the passion of crafting alive and to be connected to this community of scrapbookers!

Wanna also thank you all for the sweet comments on facebook and instagram. It is with friends like these that makes this crafting journey a whole lot more uplifting and encouraing yay! Have a great week!

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Gen's Birthday Crop!

Gen invited a few of us last Sunday to her birthday crop and it was a very exciting time for me. It would be my first crop with many other scrappers I know online but have yet to meet face to face. I literally counted down to the actual day! No kidding ;p

It was such a good time of crafting, eating, and lots of talking. It was pretty amazing to be able to hold lengthy conversations with them when we probably met only for the first time. Gen had a beautiful home with a beautiful scrap space. I was so awed too by her effort in decorating the place and the set up of the craft and food table! Inspired!

Even the welcome gifts were so prettily wrapped! Thanks Gen for the invite, truly blessed beyond measure! Can't wait for the next crop and just chilling out with like minded crafters!

Some lovely photos from that day, I will still smiling even as I go through these pictures. Definitely gonna get some printed and scrapped heh. (:

 photo 1235446_10151547667172131_139118514_n_zpsa59bc5a8.jpg
Star of the day! Gen!

 photo 1001926_10151547637217131_1776703339_n_zpsbc191f70.jpg

 photo 1003923_10151547639602131_1283003922_n_zpsb09b2903.jpg
The beautiful food area!

 photo 545909_10151547638987131_1473064637_n_zpsfefd6f52.jpg

 photo 1229941_10151549443112131_1180371609_n_zps64f90d34.jpg
With the two lovely ladies- Cassandra and Li Rong!

 photo 526529_10151547668782131_2118500921_n_zpsa6828b88.jpg

 photo 1236924_10151547670952131_1776382615_n_zps530d8cd4.jpg
With the lovely Aida!

 photo 1186273_10151549442902131_1094629486_n_zpscbaf8c5f.jpg

 photo 1209115_10151549441602131_862130005_n_zps774695a1.jpg
All of us!

 photo 1005374_10151547671532131_83069201_n_zps54db18e5.jpg
Beautiful day spent with beautiful people. Blessed!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mini Album | Baptism.

6 August was special day for myself and Mr Ng, my fiancée. He decided to take that step of faith to be baptized. The whole journey towards this day was a long one. Both of us had to complete a 10 week course in church even though I was already baptized previously in another church. I have to admit, the 10 weeks was necessary. I felt very refreshed going back to basics and was a great blessing to connect with many other AMK Methodist church members.

A special event calls for a special project! To contain all the precious photos, I decided to capture these memories in a mini album! I used my favourite Dear Lizzy supplies- papers, stickers, die-cuts, chipboard, embellishments etc. I was biased, I wanted the album in my favourite colours, so its not exactly manly.
 photo 1146510_10151535296242131_90185148_n_zps0de08663.jpg
I used two pieces of mini canvases as album covers here and covered them with gesso and paints to create this subtle pastel hues.
 photo 1148891_10151535296082131_22288506_n_zpsbd4a0a6f.jpg
 photo 998776_10151535295557131_374313457_n_zpsf1e1e9ec.jpg

 photo 945998_10151535295642131_1488445861_n_zpsb07148e9.jpg

 photo 999871_10151535295537131_38390994_n_zpsfd0f9d75.jpg

 photo 995480_10151535295652131_799551474_n_zpsb4ba74aa.jpg

 photo 945830_10151535295662131_1514024495_n_zps62208a26.jpg

 photo 1185224_10151535295762131_218068992_n_zps2a5efd44.jpg
 photo 1185915_10151535295772131_956363678_n_zps8b6be198.jpg
 photo 1150221_10151535295542131_1425581476_n_zps489dfd37.jpg
 photo 1150988_10151535295782131_501922384_n_zps45e582b6.jpg
 photo 999124_10151535295902131_588496553_n_zps33bf1607.jpg
 photo 1148961_10151535295862131_236748208_n_zpscc76a4cf.jpg
 photo 1173678_10151535295932131_337150832_n_zpsdacbeadb.jpg

This is by far one of my favourite mini. Told Mr Ng I am keeping it with me for now. Haha!
Thanks for the sweet comments on Facebook and instagram of this album and of course, thanks for coming by!