Monday, April 28, 2014

Butter Studio, Jalan Besar

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Friday night date last week included a dinner at a fish head steamboat place and it also saw us visiting a cosy little café in Jalan Besar. Like would be an understatement, I love this place!
It was pretty quiet initially so was good, spent quality time with the partner and play a couple of rounds of Monopoly deal where he won most of it. Hah! The crowds came in only after 9 when were about to go. I didn't fancy the noise though because for most part the cafe's not big so the sound's trapped and can be mind boggling. But for the café, crowd means good business of course, so not complaining when small cafes get to grow in such a saturated market!
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 Had a lemonade in a jar which was really a thirst quencher! The nutella caramel tart was also decent but thought the crust could have been more buttery and less flaky.
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"Fondest memories are made when gathered around the table."
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A place I would definitely make a return trip. The desserts and drinks are priced affordably and I can see myself and friend crafting on that communal table on a quiet weekday.
Butter Studio
Address: 147 Jalan Besar
 (Sun-Thurs 12-11pm/ Fri, Sat 12-12mn/ Tues closed)
Tel: 6543 9809

Monday, April 14, 2014

Pinspiration | DIY decor.

DIY décor is all in the rage now. You have the pom poms, the paper lanterns, the tassels, the buntings to name a few. Let us take this a notch higher. I found some really brilliant DIY ideas that its so rad I want to do it for my wedding! All photos taken off Pinterest, my favourite spot of inspiration (I claim that it is better than Google.)

 photo 3d58ad3030581cb84065b3abe63b277b_zps9baee32c.jpg
Excellent way to use those fabric scraps!
 photo 4539e7cf7a2a20761a7e5e3ab1fc700f_zps87a4a1b1.jpg
I really love this one! I must try!
 photo b731f225fa60eaf46cfcce9b857ecc85_zps6e0ba2dc.jpg
Fancy, not your regular paper lanterns for sure!
 photo dda360f385ba624098679e7961f06b53_zps14547001.jpg
Yarn tassels anyone? (:
 photo d58b12200b184bc4d5ef7f97cd0d6fa1_zpsbfab7b16.jpg
The last one, it just takes the cake!
Such an eye feast. (: Hope these ideas have spur you on to create unique one of a kind event décor because I have definitely been inspired!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Wheeler's Yard

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We decided to visit the much talked about Wheeler's Yard one Sunday afternoon. I have seen photos online, instagram etc. that I had to make a trip myself and I was not disappointed. It is so laid back, so hipster, located inside a building that probably used to be a warehouse of some sort. They kept certain original fittings of what that building used to be and I thought that gave the café even more character. The café also specializes in bicycles and you can see many beautiful bicycles and their accessories for sale.
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There is 2 parts to the café, an air conditioned area that was a little cramped on a weekend for my liking so we got ourselves a table in their sheltered non-air-conditioned area. It was very cooling and I love the vibes; the chitter chatter of little children, the smell of coffee and food in the air, and I especially love the children on their little bicycles puttering about.
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And of course, the mandatory photo on that big blue door!
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Definitely worth a visit to experience this really cool place! I can foresee myself coming back here again to craft over coffee and snacks!

Wheeler's Yard

Address: 28 Lor Ampas, Singapore, Singapore 328781
: 6254 9128Opening hours: Mon - Thurs: 11am - 7pm (closed on Tues) | Fri - Sun: 11am - 8pm (Do check their Facebook before making the trip as their hours may not be consistent due to private events.)

Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday

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1. Taken from Tumblr. Stop waiting, start making it happen.
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2. Healthy snacking now: Greek yogurt and fruits.
3. Obsessed with Korean drama "Emergency Couple". Can't stop, won't stop. Hah!
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4. Definitely buying a pair of these beauties to walk around Europe coming July. The new colour range in pastels took my heart away. Guess which colour I am going for?
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 photo photo1_zpscafeeda4.jpg
5. On those really random crafting days, I made some matchboxes from scratch, inspired by some Pinterest posts. Haven't quite fill the insides but I love those bows and how they make a simple box look so pretty. (:

Friday, April 4, 2014

Five for Friday

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1. Love this quote and I just have to share it again here. Whenever I read this, I envision stars bursting in the night sky.

2. Been reading the Book of Ecclesiastes. I personally find this book, one deeply embedded with a deep, specific message that you cannot lift wholesale just simply reading literally. I am praying to understand and decipher the deeper meaning.

3. Catching Captain America, Winter Soldier tonight, I'm excited! Anything Marvel or DC comics appeals to my inner superhero dream.

4. Currently reading Jenny Colgan's novel "Diamond's are a girl's best friend". The title sounds as shallow as it gets but fret not, the content tells otherwise. (: I polished off her other novel "The loveliest chocolate shop in Paris" and it was lovely.

 photo sketchbook-classroom1_zpsda6423fe.jpg
5. Signed up for a Studio Calico online class "Sketchbook 2014" by Kelly Purkey! Not being at all cliché but every time I lose my crafting stamina, a flip of her book, a click on her blog can get me going again. She is an inspiration, truly. I am looking forward to be challenged and inspired again through the class and of course, I am looking forward to receiving the exclusive stamp set in my mailbox!

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I'm obsessed. Period.
Have a great weekend!