Friday, April 11, 2014

Five for Friday

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1. Taken from Tumblr. Stop waiting, start making it happen.
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2. Healthy snacking now: Greek yogurt and fruits.
3. Obsessed with Korean drama "Emergency Couple". Can't stop, won't stop. Hah!
  photo photo_zps3de98a4b.jpg
4. Definitely buying a pair of these beauties to walk around Europe coming July. The new colour range in pastels took my heart away. Guess which colour I am going for?
 photo photo2_zpsb947a0ce.jpg
 photo photo1_zpscafeeda4.jpg
5. On those really random crafting days, I made some matchboxes from scratch, inspired by some Pinterest posts. Haven't quite fill the insides but I love those bows and how they make a simple box look so pretty. (:

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