Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cousins Gathering | Oriole Cafe & Bar.

It is always a blessing to be able to have close cousins; cousins whom you grow up with still in contact and hanging out from time to time. We agreed to pay Oriole Café a visit. This was not my first time and I would say their food quality has improved since my last visit.

Of course, another reason why I visited was for the coffee. Apparently, their baristas were champion coffee makers. This I got to try.

 photo 998845_10151466753087131_420952451_n_zps0b4562dd.jpg
 photo 1011431_10151466753187131_45105805_n_zps212920cf.jpg
 photo 1011005_10151466753652131_1269177324_n_zps7aee111d.jpg
Had the fish & chips and they didn't disappoint. Yums!
 photo 968816_10151466753452131_1658284293_n_zpsed28961d.jpg
 photo 944738_10151466753557131_435178018_n_zpsa03248e0.jpg
 photo 1005169_10151466753297131_34053006_n_zps98b22d9f.jpg
The really good café latte!
 photo 44498_10151466754152131_1287042820_n_zpsd8d0d213.jpg
 photo 1014154_10151466754087131_539483255_n_zps4c137893.jpg

Overall, it was a good time spent, we all agreed the food was decent. Portions were pretty huge for the fish & chips (maybe it is just me haha) so you could actually share and then get something else to try between the two of you.

Oriole Café & Bar
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites.
#01-01, 96 Somerset Road,
Singapore 238163
(Walk out from the Sommerset 313 exit, near Marche.)

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Cafe Hopping | Penny University

Went exploring at East Coast Road last week. This area wasn't my usual hunt because of the distance away from where I stay. The enthusiastic boy wanted Katong Laksa so I happily agreed to go since he was leading the way. I am not fantastic with directions so when he make suggestions like this, I have to say yes. I asked if he could lead me to Penny University for coffee after dinner and he willingly obliged too.

That is what I love about him. He doesn't enjoy café hopping like me but just because I enjoy it, he is most happy to join me on my coffee adventures. Blessed!

Overall, coffee was decent. The better half is a fussy drinker so if he give the thumbs up, that definitely counts as good feedback! They serve one of my favourite ice cream sandwiches too! We ordered them in different flavours. I really love my strawberry one. Was a little bummed that I forgot to check out their other desserts. I got too excited with the ice cream sandwich that I totally forgot about the other items they serve.

 photo 1017314_10151461283477131_333561025_n_zpse8eb9b91.jpg

 photo 1003814_10151461283647131_877244890_n_zps615906f2.jpg

 photo 968821_10151461283737131_1448372020_n_zps6c35c23d.jpg

 photo 67714_10151461283752131_1740573475_n_zps2b074329.jpg

 photo 1044343_10151461283917131_1864908509_n_zpsdaf9962e.jpg

 photo 485447_10151461284062131_1752676273_n_zpsb8daef62.jpg

 photo 994824_10151461284547131_1116859209_n_zps1e3d0e9a.jpg

 photo 969497_10151461284592131_1280801707_n_zps83644a5c.jpg

 photo 7971_10151461284722131_1649960427_n_zps769c49d5.jpg

 photo 971303_10151461284602131_942954898_n_zps747695fd.jpg

 photo 1013036_10151461284662131_720489253_n_zps562a73a4.jpg

I will definitely be back that's for sure. Love the vintage feel and the little bits and pieces of retro furniture and items scattered around the café. Overall, its a great place to visit, worth the travel. Where to next you say? I am thinking The Fabulous Baker Boy or Toby's Estate.

Will be blogging about Oriole Café soon too.
Penny University

+65 9008 9314

Friday, July 12, 2013

Altered Frame | We are 5!

Celebrated 5 years of togetherness on 22 June this year! Time flies as the saying goes. We just can't believe we have been together this long and of course we are looking forward to marriage next year. Thankful to God for being our center, it has been a long journey of learning and compromising. Believe that as we work towards the future with one heart, all things will fall into its rightful place. Hopeful and expectant!

Couple tradition: He gets one handmade item from me for every special occasion. He loves to receive it and I love to create it. So win-win situation heh.

 photo 1016616_10151438982317131_1658536268_n_zpsf8c7787a.jpg

 photo 1017294_10151438982182131_1054018458_n_zps1841ebb7.jpg

 photo 5992_10151438982282131_127322728_n_zps1ce280a6.jpg

 photo 1016831_10151438982117131_1409702383_n_zpsd0ba27ec.jpg
 String of stars and sequins inspired by Wilna Furstenberg!

 photo 5962_10151438982112131_1037511629_n_zpsf5d1ba9f.jpg

Thanks for coming by! This frame is sitting proudly on my better half's shelf now!(:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mini Album | Malacca Trippin'

A simple and quick mini made a really long time ago but never had the chance for picture taking because it was given away to the other half! (:

Snippets of the mini, I will let the photos do the talking:

 photo 1004583_10151438971502131_1336331980_n_zps627a386d.jpg
 photo 931167_10151438971087131_768257895_n_zps74adff7d.jpg
 photo 1003863_10151438971077131_1910285329_n_zps95edb6af.jpg
 photo 1017329_10151438971207131_2108489605_n_zpsba02291f.jpg
 photo 1006174_10151438971322131_2013142328_n_zps7db37f29.jpg
 photo 1130_10151438971442131_479233045_n_zps30506b70.jpg
 photo 17486_10151438971152131_23258608_n_zps2ac632d3.jpg

Another post coming right up!