Thursday, July 11, 2013

Mini Album | Malacca Trippin'

A simple and quick mini made a really long time ago but never had the chance for picture taking because it was given away to the other half! (:

Snippets of the mini, I will let the photos do the talking:

 photo 1004583_10151438971502131_1336331980_n_zps627a386d.jpg
 photo 931167_10151438971087131_768257895_n_zps74adff7d.jpg
 photo 1003863_10151438971077131_1910285329_n_zps95edb6af.jpg
 photo 1017329_10151438971207131_2108489605_n_zpsba02291f.jpg
 photo 1006174_10151438971322131_2013142328_n_zps7db37f29.jpg
 photo 1130_10151438971442131_479233045_n_zps30506b70.jpg
 photo 17486_10151438971152131_23258608_n_zps2ac632d3.jpg

Another post coming right up!


  1. So sweet :) May I know where did you stay in Malacca?

    1. Hi there! I stayed at hotel equatorial when i visited malacca. its quite a nice hotel, one of the better ones there, near the malls etc (:

    2. Thank you! Did you book from the hotel site or from booking sites like this[arr]=2013-10-26&aDateRange[dep]=2013-10-27&iRoomType=7&iMemberProfileId=0&iViewType=0&iGeoDistanceItem=923291&iPathId=75024& ? The currency is a little confusing.

    3. hello! i bought the travel package from u shd check it out (: