Friday, September 30, 2011

what i have been up to.

1. signed up for Amy Tangerine's class on Big Picture Classes. (i just couldn't resist!)

2. burn a hole in my pocket with MWL's 45% storewide promotion haha. but i got all the supplies i need to last me for the next few months. i was kind of wishing Amy Tangerine's mini book and washi tape would be on sale but alas!

3. dreaming of new ideas, new projects, new storage ideas to get my stash in all the right places.

4. preparing myself for my big day- graduation! shirt, skirt, heels; all checked!

5. readying myself to work on a client request (customized welcome gift.)

6. collecting washi tapes, lots of them. they are my weakness. gah. (:

have yourself a great weekend! (:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Watercolour Fun!

I finally found time to get some watercolour action going. Have always wanted to marry watercolouring and scrapbooking on my projects and I was so mighty glad I did because I love how it turned out! The rainbow colours makes me happy. (:


Do visit Scrap with V's Blog for my sharing on how I put this layout together! Please say hi in the comments if you went by the blog. We want to know you! (:

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

celebrating mr man's 25th!

mr ng, my favourite person in the world, turned 25 on the 23rd sep! what better way to celebrate than to feast over a buffet dinner, a japanese buffet dinner to be specific, at Kiseki Japanese Restaurant, The Heerens B1. think snow crabs, grilled meats, sushi, desserts; eat all you can. we sat in the restaurant from 6 to 9.30pm, eating, chatting, laughing and just having fun.

(my happy mr ng!)

(hehe, my favourite photo!)

( they even have rosti! yay p.s this is only round 1 haha)
(cold seafood. so so good (: )

funded dear partially (he didnt allow a full sponsorship ;p) for his new coach wallet as his birthday gift and made him an altered 7gypsies tray using my favourite Amy Tangerine goodness! he requested for a frame of some sort for his office table. (:


(Using mostly the AC's Amy Tangerine line & Hambly overlay & washi tape.)

(love these maya road acrylic figurines.)


(a little love note hidden behind the mini spool.)
do visit tomorrow (28 sep 2011) for my first blog post. i will be sharing a little about how i use watercolours on my layout. God bless and see you around! (:

Monday, September 26, 2011

i wonder...

i wonder how it would be like to be able to craft all day and still make enough to bring home to the family. i wonder how it would be like to be surrounded by crafty, colourful goodness and be able to take in the smells of paper and fabrics. would i have a skip in my step as i make my way to work? will monday blues finally be a thing of yesterday? i wonder...

for the longest time, i really did thought about how it might be like to make scrapbooking my career. i've never felt so strongly and passionately about something. i have my own job now of course and i enjoy the parts where i get to interect with people and children but scrapbooking's just different. my heart sings. it sings me a love song. i don't know how to put it into words exactly. but i strongly believe that something awesome will happen. not now maybe, but in His perfect timing, He will bring me to this place.

i love my current job but the political systems causes me to fall into a disillusion. occassionally, i am stirred in all the negative directions. i lose sight of what matters most. i don't like that and i'm really working on staying focused and being real. scrapbooking has been such an encouragement, a personal space where i can turn to for solace. i thank God for this.

on a lighter note, please watch out for a tutorial by yours truly on on the 28 September 2011! thanks for coming by (:

Monday, September 12, 2011



10 years ago, i was only 14 when the 9/11 incident happened. it rocked the world, it made terrorism real, it made the world realize how important it was for everyone to come together as one body and no longer seperated countries, that racial differences, language difference. i didn't quite understand what happened then because i was too young and my world only came close to where i live, a small island.

10 years later, i begin to understand, to be emotionally intuned with the feelings of those affected by the 9/11, to feel proud of those who served to protect all of us from the worst. it is no longer just something i read on the papers from my country anymore. i feel my heart aching this morning as i read the experiences of scrappers living in the US, i read about their thoughts, emotions, feelings, fears, hope. 9/11 has a new meaning for me now. i may not live close to where it all happened. but my heart and prayers is with the people living there.

i'm truly grateful to have acquinted myself with scrappers internationally because they have taught me so much beyond crafting. i pray for those affected by the 9/11, for those whose family members may be serving in the US army or any other brave troops fighting terrorism, for every person on earth here (regardless of country) that His hope and peace will continue to fill our hearts till it overflows, that God will turn every tragedy into triumph. Amen.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

DT Scrap with V: September Inspiration Challenge

Beginning September 2011, Scrap with V will be hosting 2 challenges concurrently on the blog. One would feature a chosen picture or photos taken off the web that serves as an inspiration for your layout. The second one would be a challenge where you create your layout based on a specific sketch. I chose Sep inspirational picture as a guide for my layout. i love the inspirational picture because it features 2 of my favourites: the pink hues and the circles!

if you're interested to give this inspirational challenge a go, here's the direct link. Please send your layouts to Julianne at You have until the end of the month to get your entry in. A winner will be randomly drawn and will receive a RAK prize. (:

Here's the lovely picture:


And here's my take:


The circles document the different things that i hold close to my heart. These are the things that makes my good life.

Hope you're encouraged to scrap and join us in this adventure! God bless!

Friday, September 2, 2011

day dreaming

okay, friday afternoons are the hardest to get by because everyone's in a weekend mood. my head's in different places, from scrappy inspirations to shopping. my heart was singing a happy tune when my google image results fell on these few pretty things:




can someone pinch me. yeah i know i don't have a use for these now but how can anyone resist all these? especially the first two!

can i add on one more picture? ;p


i'm kind of certain that i will get the macbook pro next year when i get a new laptop. was initially toggling with the idea if i should get a mac since i have been using a pc for the longest time. change can be good sometimes? i have until next year to make a decision anyway haha.

have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Scrap with V Sept Kits!

September Scrapbook Kits from Scrap with V are up on the webstore now. I am so excited to see the layout samples I made with the kit up on the site!
This is my first experience scrapping with a kit and it is a very good experience! It saved me alot of time trying to match so many products from the different brands and wondering if they go together. Kits work wonders especially for those who are busy but wants to scrap a tinsy wee bit faster.

Do check out this link for my samples and the kit I used and browse around the site for the works of all the other talented designers and the awesome kits! (: Have yourself an adventure scrapping!

Thank you for coming by!