Friday, September 30, 2011

what i have been up to.

1. signed up for Amy Tangerine's class on Big Picture Classes. (i just couldn't resist!)

2. burn a hole in my pocket with MWL's 45% storewide promotion haha. but i got all the supplies i need to last me for the next few months. i was kind of wishing Amy Tangerine's mini book and washi tape would be on sale but alas!

3. dreaming of new ideas, new projects, new storage ideas to get my stash in all the right places.

4. preparing myself for my big day- graduation! shirt, skirt, heels; all checked!

5. readying myself to work on a client request (customized welcome gift.)

6. collecting washi tapes, lots of them. they are my weakness. gah. (:

have yourself a great weekend! (:


  1. Hey there!
    How are you?
    I am sorry it took me awhile to get over here but I am following
    your blog now!
    You are such a sweetie and I appreciate you coming to my blog
    to comment! Glad we are on SWV together!
    I just total adore all your work!

    Have a wonderful day! ~Leah

  2. Seems like you are fruitfully busy! :) Congrats on the graduation, and happy scrap scrap scrapping!