Wednesday, September 17, 2014

K-ki | School of the Arts (SOTA)

K-ki seems like somewhat of a cake legend. Since the time when they were located at Ann Siang Hill, I have heard plenty but never quite got around to visit. And then they closed for awhile due to expensive rental and was stoked that they reopened at such an accessible location in Doby Guat! Them, along with The Drom Store in SOTA! I personally thought the location was apt esp for Drom since they sell really artsy stuff. 

Before I become gainfully employed again in less than a week, decided to make a trip to visit this legend that so many have been talking about. 

K-ki's located inside SOTA. The space was bright and clean. It was a cross between minimalistic and scandinavian. I love the space so much and there was a hint of fresh wood in the air- not sure if that was attributed to the space being new and all. 

I wanted to try two particular flavours but they were sold out! I need to make a point to come by again much earlier. Bought a piece of their cheese x melon (sorry but I forgot to take note of the cake's name! my bad!) and a cup of green tea- sencha. 

The cheese mousse was cold and smooth. It melts in the mouth. The melon center tasted right paired with the cheese. Its a piece of food art I must say!

Visted The Drom Store next door. They sell really arty, quirky stuff. 

The cool glass art done by an artist during the store's official opening. 

Early bird catches the worm so do pop by early to purchase the cake flavours you desire!