Friday, March 22, 2013

Places to go.

This is a typical night where I am sleepy but can't seem to settle in because I am thinking of the trips & sights that I really would like to take or go at least once in my lifetime. And I thought this might make for a decent blogpost of some sort. Heh.

The List!
1) NYC/ Brooklyn
2) Santorini
3) Amsterdam
4) Paris
5) Japan mainly Kyoto & Hokkaido
6) South Korea
7) Melbourne
8) London
9) NZ, particularly Franz Josef Glacier.
10) Taiwan
11) San Francisco

Places to see/ things to do:
1) Nigara Falls tour
2) Check out the lourve & the eiffel tower
3) Take a hike at the glaciers in NZ
4) See the tulips in full bloom in Holland
5) Take the london bus and be all touristy in Europe
6) Visit the quaint cafes and shops in japan & basically breathe in zakka & arts!
7) Santorini. Need I say more. Think spectacular views in blue and white
8) Visit Taiwan's railway tracks & set paper lanterns up into the sky.
10) Golden Gate Bridge

Oh sweet dreams. (:

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Family | Becca's 21st & Shu's Grad Show.

With the people that matters most. Photos from a birthday celebration of my cousin, Rebecca and Shu Mei's gradshow at Singapore. Both were such a blast! So proud of my cousin, Shu Mei. She sings so well and is able to play a variety of instruments, I am so sure she will go far. I will let the pictures do the talking.

 photo photo7-vert_zps71aa9509.jpg
 photo photo2-vert_zps28a9d18c.jpg
 photo photo5-vert_zpsb8dbbd48.jpg

 photo photo8-vert_zps44448d7f.jpg
 photo photo11-vert_zpse8fa0f07.jpg

// When the world turns its back, family won't.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Colourful Raindrops Co. | Becca's 21st Guestbook & Card

Been feeling under the weather lately hence the lack of posts. Hope everyone's doing great so far.

Despite feeling ill, God has been good. Was pretty vexed about finding an affordable bridal package and finally, fiancee and I managed to sign up for a really good deal with all that's needed included! Definitely saved me a whole lot of time and money. So blessed! So what's left would be catering, wedding card printing, wedding favours and church decor/ floral. If you have any good places for any of the above, please share with me, really appreciate it! Heh (:

Leaving you with the full guestbook photo and a card for Rebecca! Thanks for popping by!