Wednesday, September 17, 2014

K-ki | School of the Arts (SOTA)

K-ki seems like somewhat of a cake legend. Since the time when they were located at Ann Siang Hill, I have heard plenty but never quite got around to visit. And then they closed for awhile due to expensive rental and was stoked that they reopened at such an accessible location in Doby Guat! Them, along with The Drom Store in SOTA! I personally thought the location was apt esp for Drom since they sell really artsy stuff. 

Before I become gainfully employed again in less than a week, decided to make a trip to visit this legend that so many have been talking about. 

K-ki's located inside SOTA. The space was bright and clean. It was a cross between minimalistic and scandinavian. I love the space so much and there was a hint of fresh wood in the air- not sure if that was attributed to the space being new and all. 

I wanted to try two particular flavours but they were sold out! I need to make a point to come by again much earlier. Bought a piece of their cheese x melon (sorry but I forgot to take note of the cake's name! my bad!) and a cup of green tea- sencha. 

The cheese mousse was cold and smooth. It melts in the mouth. The melon center tasted right paired with the cheese. Its a piece of food art I must say!

Visted The Drom Store next door. They sell really arty, quirky stuff. 

The cool glass art done by an artist during the store's official opening. 

Early bird catches the worm so do pop by early to purchase the cake flavours you desire! 

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Art Essentials

Monday! Thought I would do a post on my art essentials to have some crafty content on my blog for a start. I haven't been very craft productive for awhile since all that wedding prep. But that's gonna change real soon! 

So what are my essentials; tools I cannot live without?

1. Black Smiggle case. This is my hardcover case that contains all my basic tools for scrapbooking.

2. Stationery- Pens, markers, pencils, rulers, eraser etc. My favourite marker's gonna be the Sharpie as well as American Craft's Zig. 

3. My XL dotliner tape glue. 

4. My teal cutter from Prima. 

5. A corner punch.

6. Cutterbee scissors for fussy cutting.

7. A small Making Memories cutting board.

8. 3d dots.

9. A bone folder. 

10. A sponge brush for paint application. 

If I'm going out of my house to scrapbook, I would bring out my 11. typo large pouch to contain my art case and other supplies. 

What are your essentials? (:

Hatter Street | Hougang

There was much hype about Hatter Street especially of their Waffle with Pandan Ice Cream & Gula Melaka sauce. 

Hatter Street is a small, whimsical cafe in the heartlands- Hougang/Kovan. It is situated a few doors away from the famous thai place- Nakhon Thai. The cafe's deco takes inspiration from one of my favourite tales Alice in Wonderland. 

My trip there was specially made to try the famous waffles that was seen on many instagram pages. I am a creature of habit and my usual flavours would probably revolve ard strawberry, vanilla, salted caramel. Choosing pandan x gula melaka sauce over vanilla x salted caramel sauce was definitely a first. I was hesitant but I just had to find out what the hype was about. My decision was not a wasted one. The pandan ice cream went very well with the gula melaka. The waffle was cripsy though I wish it would be tad bit fluffy but overall, there was just that right blend of flavour that I wanted more. I felt warm and contented with each bite. Latte was alright, slightly on the acidic side. 

This is a nice spot to spend a lazy noon I would say. They hold private events and parties as well so check their fb page before you head down. 

Look out for a craft post coming up over the weekend! Its one day to TGIF! 

Hatter Street – Bakehouse & Cafe

Address (Google Map): 212 Hougang Street 21, #01-333, Singapore 530212

Opening hours: 1:00pm – 10:00pm, closed on Monday

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kite Festival 2014

A photos more than words kind of post. Hope your mid week's been awesome!

Octopus ain't flying up high. I need a new delta. ;)

Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood & November8 Cafe | Thomson V Two

Just another Sunday where nothing much is really going on after Church. I decided to attempt to learn swimming. Concluded that swimming is really easily if you learn it as a kid. 

Then the very spontaneous gathering with dinner with husband's friends and we found ourselves at a very delish chinese tze char place where you need reservations to secure a table. It not quite a restaurant but a stall in a coffee shop. We got ourselves a pretty small table but we made do. 

Ordered 5 dishes to share, out of which these few items were a bomb! 

(This is so good, pumpkin butter prawn balls.)

(Another favourite- Marmite Honey Chicken!)

          (Their signature beancurd)

We ordered the century egg/ salted egg veg and this other prawn egg as well. All the dishes were really good! It was definitely worth the trip. We paid about $50 plus for all including rice. 

Kam Jia Zhuang Seafood
Blk 202 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-1690

Decided to pop by Thomson area to carry on with all that catching up. Haven't been inside Thomson V two and so convinced the rest to go exploring. Ended up at November8, loved that they opened till 11pm on weekends! 

Loved the old school chairs!

We shared a strawberry waffle (they ran out of peaches) and a slice of rainbow cake. Rainbow cake was alright, nothing spectacular but liked that it wasn't too sweet. The waffles were really good, crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside. It was polished off rather quickly. I would really like to come back and give their brunch a try. I saw the chef doing scrambled eggs and it looks really delightful! 

The only downside would be the smell in the cafe. I came out smelling a little unpleasant haha! Maybe the ventilation might need some fixing.

My sunday ended on a delicious note!

  • November8 
  • 11, Sin Ming Road, #01-30 Thomson V two S(575629)
  • Tel: +65 6554 4388

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Provision Shop | Everton Park

A week plus ago, I met with my friend for brunch. Since neither of us has gone by Everton Park before we decided to explore a little. Boy, was I in for a surprise! In my imaginary Everton Park, it was literally say a park maybe with cafes littered about. When we arrived, it was actually a housing estate! Took awhile for us to locate The Provision Shop, a short walk if we knew the exact location but was good because the walk showed us other hidden gems.

Upon arrival, I was delighted by the cute old school children's chairs outside the cafe. Inside, the whole make-up was nice and comfortable, with elements of old school vintage, it was a weekday hence the peace within. We ordered our portions of eggs benedict with ham for the bestie and smoked salmon for myself. It was beyond affordable at $10/plate. Portion was decent and I love how they used this semi-sweet toast for the base of my benedict instead of the usual muffin. The sweetness of the bread and saltiness of the salmon was a good balance. We each had a cup of osthmantus (is that how its spelt?) tea that was refreshing. Its more delectable for fans of chinese tea of course! 

Store owners were friendly. We stayed there for quite awhile to catchup but didn't felt like we sat for too long. 

I would definitely make a revisit to try the other dishes on the menu! But I would say go on a weekday if you could, its always a different experience for me.

The Provision Shop
Block 3 Everton Park #01-79
Tel: +65 6225 9931
Mon to Sat: 11.30am – 9pm
Sun: 9am – 6pm
Nearest Station: Outram

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back for good.

It seems like ages that I managed to find time to update here.

A lot happened. The good, the not so good. The good; I got married! Still getting around to the fact that I am married hah! Well the not so good would have to be the whole process of finding a job again, going for interviews and not entirely sure where my life's headed.

So I am still getting around to figuring out blog content. As for my goals from my last post, I am pretty far from where I would like to be but one positive note, I found a community of christian scrapbookers who have creatively applied their artsy side to bible study! For scrappers, you would know Shanna Noel! She has kicked started journalling in the bible with scrapbooking! How cool's that!? I think that might be an answer to the bible reading rut that I am in right now. Will share more along thw way if it works for me. 

So much more to post but I will do up my updates proper along the way so stick around! I won't be away for long this time!