Thursday, August 21, 2014

Back for good.

It seems like ages that I managed to find time to update here.

A lot happened. The good, the not so good. The good; I got married! Still getting around to the fact that I am married hah! Well the not so good would have to be the whole process of finding a job again, going for interviews and not entirely sure where my life's headed.

So I am still getting around to figuring out blog content. As for my goals from my last post, I am pretty far from where I would like to be but one positive note, I found a community of christian scrapbookers who have creatively applied their artsy side to bible study! For scrappers, you would know Shanna Noel! She has kicked started journalling in the bible with scrapbooking! How cool's that!? I think that might be an answer to the bible reading rut that I am in right now. Will share more along thw way if it works for me. 

So much more to post but I will do up my updates proper along the way so stick around! I won't be away for long this time!

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