Saturday, March 24, 2012

And the winner is...

Thank you for hopping along with us on the St Patrick's Day Instagram Bloghop. And I'm here to announce our winner!

Just a sidenote, I used the traditional lucky draw method to pick our winner. Another one of my colleague was "assigned" the winner picker. Here we go:




Congrats Jamie Lee! You're the winner! Please email me at with your mailing details and I will get your green goodies posted out to you. (:

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

SBM ATC Swap- January

This post is really late but would like to share it anyway. Was thrilled to be part of an ATC (Artist Trading Card) Swap with 14 other scrapbookers. This was a first for me, definitely an experience churning out 14 similar cards to be exchanged. In return, I will get back 13 cards (excluding one that I made) in different designs made by the rest. I haven't quite had the time to take nice pictures of the cards that were mailed to me last month but I will do so really soon and share them with you.

It was almost like Christmas opening up the ATC package when it came in the mail box; little cards with different designs, so much effort that was put into it touches my heart. The cards felt like little treasures with a story to tell.

January's theme was friendship and I turned the shaker card concept into ATCs!

Some peektures!






I am participating in the Mar's ATC swap, this time with 16 others! The theme's yellow and I have passed them on to Joey who is the host. Really excited to get different cards back.

Will come back soon to share the lovely ATCs made by the rest of my very talented scrappy friends. St Patrick's Day Instagram Blog Hop (See entry below) will close this afternoon at 3pm. Do leave a comment in the giveaway post to win yourself something "green"! God bless!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Instagram Blog Hop!


Hi all! If you're reading this now, I would like to invite you to join the St. Patrick's Day 2012 Instagram blog hop! I was invited by Jessy Christopher, also an instagram buddy of mine, to be part of this really fun initiative!

Just some info if you might be new to Instagram; it is basically an iphone photo sharing app that is downloadable via your itunes store and it is free with loads of cool photo filters! 

As part of this awesome St Patrick's Instagram Blog hop, all those participating, including myself will also be doing a small giveaway to appreciate all of you for joining us! Here's what I have for all of you lovely readers:


To win yourself some of these "green" crafty goodness, you will have to do one or more of the following.

  • Drop me a comment on this post.
  • Follow me on Instagram: juannahope
  • Follow my blog! (Look to the left sidebar of this blog for the "Join this site" icon.)

Dropping a comment will give you one chance. If you follow me on instagram or my blog, you will get additional chances of winning! Giveaway is open to everyone, international! (:


Here's a complete list of those participating in this bloghop. They will also be doing awesome giveaways!

Laura Banasiak | laurabanasiak :

Leah Farquharson | bluebirdchicllc :

Faridah Hajarmustika | mustikmonkeys :

Gina Lideros | ginalideros:

Suryanti Halim | isur :

Katy Hedger | polkadotlove :

Wati Basri | watibasri :

Jenny Gecos | mrsjennyg :

Allison Waken | allisonwaken :

Kristine Davidson | kristined:

Sasha Farina | sashafarina:

Lindsey Hansen l lindzeyhanzen :

Leena Loh | findingnana:

Nina Burgess | ladybugnina :

Azura Alyssa | azuraalyssa :

Sophia Allison | sophiaallison :

Vee Jennings | strawbvee :

NattArida Smith | tinynatt :

Amy Lynne Lassiter | amlynnelassiter :

Helga Vergara | helga_vergara :

Michelle Lanning | michellelanning :

Juanna Sia | juannahope : (you're here!)

Daniela Dobson | danieladobson :

Jeanne M. Wigoena | jeannew :

Vanessa Rupp-Hayden | veerupp :

Jessy Christopher | jcchris :

Blog hop starts on the 17 March 2012, 7am PST and will end 21 March 2012, 11.59pm PST.
For locals, do note that this blog hop will end 21 March 2012, 3pm. (: Winner will be announced within the same week.

Have fun hopping!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Little Happy Shop's Coptic Book Binding Class

(Photo taken from The Little Happy Shop)

I'm excited! Very excited! That's why it deserves a post of its own! Got to know that there were bookbinding classes going on through the facebooks of some fellow scrappers and I found myself at the website of The Little Happy Shop! Kind of missed the kettle binding workshop but they had a coptic binding one to be held in April. My fingers found their way to the sign up button and now I am counting down. Yay!

This is one of the items on my 2012 to learn list!

Since we are on the topic of to learn list, I have decided to use my new pink smash book to document all the new things I will be learning this year & it will double up as an idea book too. I can't wait to get started! How about all you smash bookers, how will you be using yours? (:

Join the bookbinding class if you're keen. Sign up here ! (: Drop me a note if you're going, so we can get to know each other as well. God bless!

Sunday, March 4, 2012


Pinterest is sending the creative side of my brain into an overdrive haha. There's just something new everyday, something fresh everyday that leaves you breathless, that leaves you wanting to try something, create something. So this week, these top my list:

(When I saw this, I immediate thought of breakfast food: think pancakes, scones, bacon, eggs, orange juice, tea, toast, butter. noms.)

Recently or should I say for the last couple of months, I am very drawn to the colour turquoise. I have never found this colour very attractive in the past but it is growing on me. And so, behold a scrap space with turqoise bits thrown in:

(Taken from pinterest. I am hoping my future scrap space would have some of this flair.)

And lastly, the picture that took my heart away:


I thank God that the white trolley from Ikea that I initially wanted was out of stock because this turqoise baby will be hitting the stores in April. To think I complained for the wasted trip to Ikea then but now, another story altogether. God knows best, really. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. I must remember that. This turqoise one is definitely smaller in size, all the better for me and my limited space. Yay.

So what has inspired you this week? (: Have a fabulous Sunday and a great week ahead!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Scrap with V's March Sketch Challenge!

Its yet another month, and another exciting challenge up on Scrap with V. This month, we have a sketch from the boss of this scrapbook kits company- Jules! (: I love the clean and neat lines and the shapes, enjoyed working with this sketch!


Here's my take:

I am still trying to use up my crate paper stash to make way for the new collection haha. But I must declare, that Random Collection is my favourite favourite collection out of all the collections. I am just so taken to the colours, the chipboard shapes, the designs, literally everything! So tempted to stock up but I will resist. :p

The challenge will close at 11:59pm on the 31st March 2012.

Please send your completed layouts to

The winner will be announced early April, and will receive a RAK of goodies
Recently, I am back to having a thing for G45's Once Upon a Springtime. I wanted to buy that collection then when it was freshly launched but for some reason, I missed it and the collection was no longer available in stores. Very tempted to preorder the collection. Should I? Why do I have this feeling that it might happen? teehee.

On another note, my term with Scrap with V has been extended for another 6 months! YAY! *waves pom poms* It has been awesome working with the team and Jules. Jules is a very very understanding coordinator & boss! When I was ill for awhile and unable to make the deadlines, she was so understanding and patient. I am very blessed indeed. Thanks Jules! So yes, I will put in my very best and continue creating!

Have a blessed weekend! (:

Friday, March 2, 2012

blah feeling.


It has been a long, busy, rushed week and I am so glad the weekends are coming. Work has been packed and I felt myself getting anxious more than once. I am still trying to figure out how to manage my stress. Life can be suffocating. Expectations, opinions, competition. I want to get out of this clutter and just live, to just believe that whatever I am doing now is good enough and I do not need to change anything else just because someone thinks that I should be this or that. Don't you sometimes feel like something is chasing us, running after us and we run too, we keep running, we are tired but we have no choice but to keep running, to keep moving. It becomes almost a sin of some sort to just sit down for awhile, be lazy, be slow, whatever you like to call it. I long for that. To just sit down alone, somewhere nice, clean & quiet, no one to breathe down your neck, no one to tell you what to do next, no one to make you feel like you should be doing something more productive other than sitting down there.

Just yesterday, I was reflecting upon our lives and the daily grind. We wake up, we rush to work, rush to get ready. Then we rush out of our houses, rush to catch the bus, train. Then on the train or bus, we are so tensed, trying to squeeze amongst the others who are also trying to get to work on time. We battle with the stressors at work and then after a tiring day, we go through the bus and train squeezing and pushing again to reach home. The day ends. And so I ask myself, what is the significance of each day, have savoured the goodness of the day, am I made the best out of my day or have I made a marathon out of another day. Then the next month comes, the next and the next. We reach the new year and we wondered where time went, why is time flying by so quickly. The questions never ends.

I have no answer for now. I am trying to figure life out. Till then, His grace is sufficient, I will live.