Sunday, March 4, 2012


Pinterest is sending the creative side of my brain into an overdrive haha. There's just something new everyday, something fresh everyday that leaves you breathless, that leaves you wanting to try something, create something. So this week, these top my list:

(When I saw this, I immediate thought of breakfast food: think pancakes, scones, bacon, eggs, orange juice, tea, toast, butter. noms.)

Recently or should I say for the last couple of months, I am very drawn to the colour turquoise. I have never found this colour very attractive in the past but it is growing on me. And so, behold a scrap space with turqoise bits thrown in:

(Taken from pinterest. I am hoping my future scrap space would have some of this flair.)

And lastly, the picture that took my heart away:


I thank God that the white trolley from Ikea that I initially wanted was out of stock because this turqoise baby will be hitting the stores in April. To think I complained for the wasted trip to Ikea then but now, another story altogether. God knows best, really. Everything that happens, happens for a reason. I must remember that. This turqoise one is definitely smaller in size, all the better for me and my limited space. Yay.

So what has inspired you this week? (: Have a fabulous Sunday and a great week ahead!

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  1. Aiyoyo... I love teal too!!!!! I'm gonna go crazy if I see that 3 tier trolley!!!!!