Monday, September 26, 2011

i wonder...

i wonder how it would be like to be able to craft all day and still make enough to bring home to the family. i wonder how it would be like to be surrounded by crafty, colourful goodness and be able to take in the smells of paper and fabrics. would i have a skip in my step as i make my way to work? will monday blues finally be a thing of yesterday? i wonder...

for the longest time, i really did thought about how it might be like to make scrapbooking my career. i've never felt so strongly and passionately about something. i have my own job now of course and i enjoy the parts where i get to interect with people and children but scrapbooking's just different. my heart sings. it sings me a love song. i don't know how to put it into words exactly. but i strongly believe that something awesome will happen. not now maybe, but in His perfect timing, He will bring me to this place.

i love my current job but the political systems causes me to fall into a disillusion. occassionally, i am stirred in all the negative directions. i lose sight of what matters most. i don't like that and i'm really working on staying focused and being real. scrapbooking has been such an encouragement, a personal space where i can turn to for solace. i thank God for this.

on a lighter note, please watch out for a tutorial by yours truly on on the 28 September 2011! thanks for coming by (:

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  1. Been thinking along the same lines as you, maybe when scrapbooking becomes more popular in singapore there may be more opportunities!