Thursday, June 20, 2013

Keep Calm & Hang On!

Haze is going wild in our tiny Singapore. The whole island has been swallowed by smoky fumes and we are getting cranky. N95 masks are sold out almost everywhere, thank God for the second last box at cold storage. Work still goes on and its basically a torture to even step out of home.

Passed by the central business district yesterday. The tall office buildings, Marina Bay Sands, the hotels; they are no longer visible.
This is how the area near my workplace looks like. Gloomy and hazy:

 photo photo_zps884af5f1.jpg
Keep calm and hang on everyone. Mask up, lots of water and stay indoors! Praying for rain and wind. Please pray along with us wherever you may be.
 photo photo2_zpse817cba5.jpg

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  1. yucks! its so smokey even I on air cond and stay indoor. it feels like my neighbour is throwing a bbq party