Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cousins Gathering | Oriole Cafe & Bar.

It is always a blessing to be able to have close cousins; cousins whom you grow up with still in contact and hanging out from time to time. We agreed to pay Oriole Café a visit. This was not my first time and I would say their food quality has improved since my last visit.

Of course, another reason why I visited was for the coffee. Apparently, their baristas were champion coffee makers. This I got to try.

 photo 998845_10151466753087131_420952451_n_zps0b4562dd.jpg
 photo 1011431_10151466753187131_45105805_n_zps212920cf.jpg
 photo 1011005_10151466753652131_1269177324_n_zps7aee111d.jpg
Had the fish & chips and they didn't disappoint. Yums!
 photo 968816_10151466753452131_1658284293_n_zpsed28961d.jpg
 photo 944738_10151466753557131_435178018_n_zpsa03248e0.jpg
 photo 1005169_10151466753297131_34053006_n_zps98b22d9f.jpg
The really good café latte!
 photo 44498_10151466754152131_1287042820_n_zpsd8d0d213.jpg
 photo 1014154_10151466754087131_539483255_n_zps4c137893.jpg

Overall, it was a good time spent, we all agreed the food was decent. Portions were pretty huge for the fish & chips (maybe it is just me haha) so you could actually share and then get something else to try between the two of you.

Oriole Café & Bar
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites.
#01-01, 96 Somerset Road,
Singapore 238163
(Walk out from the Sommerset 313 exit, near Marche.)

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