Thursday, August 1, 2013

Phantom of the Opera.

Caught the awesome Broadway musical, "Phantom of the Opera" with the other half last Wednesday over at MBS grand theatre. Till now, the songs are still ringing in my head. It was so good, one of the best I've watched. I was basically; mind blown.

This was the first time I went all out and bought Cat A tickets and it was worth every cent. By now you can tell, I am a fan, hah!

Do go and experience the magic if you haven't!

 photo 533624_10151489976592131_1324483246_n_zpsa1e488e1.jpg
 photo 1006283_10151489976882131_1055175264_n_zpsa312f319.jpg
 photo 969541_10151489977307131_896774534_n_zpsb3c4f94a.jpg
 photo 1000451_10151490352667131_269519691_n_zpsd20e67d0.jpg
 photo 993654_10151490352807131_1736291466_n_zps19b089fa.jpg
 photo 971380_10151490353932131_1340069508_n_zps9542e854.jpg
Have a blessed week! Look out for my post on my first visit to the MT Expo last week!

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