Monday, August 12, 2013

First MT Washi Expo in Singapore!

Attended one of the most anticipated expo about two weeks ago- MT Washi Expo over at Ion level 4. This expo probably left us scrapbookers/crafters with a hole in the pocket but it was well worth it I believe hah!

 photo 1004491_10151496782767131_1921636263_n_zps004f8de8.jpg

There were so much to feast our eyes on. The washified floors, walls, displays, washi d├ęcor, the list goes on. What I love most were the gacha machines! It was so much fun turning and waiting excitedly to see what tape I would turn out and if I would get that slip of brown paper which would entitle me to a limited edition washi tape! Dear who came along with me to the expo was even more excited about turning the gacha machine, I had to stop him from changing tokens with cash to have more goes at turning the machine.

A special shout-out to Justina and Stephanie for your help in purchasing a roll of limited-ed Singapore Edition peranakan tiles tape for me!

 photo 1148824_10151514606147131_1252177372_n_zpsad6c1d99.jpg
 photo 954658_10151514606362131_1424233197_n_zps72a4740c.jpg
 photo 534239_10151514606372131_331490935_n_zps7b1adfe8.jpg
 photo 995156_10151514606552131_1137042834_n_zps110f1039.jpg
 photo 549542_10151514605797131_1979591834_n_zps9abd2c2a.jpg
 photo 12960_10151514606152131_1357279548_n_zps5b765958.jpg
 photo 995467_10151514606347131_837089126_n_zps5102bd48.jpg


 photo 59990_10151496789122131_679922396_n_zps5a32e0ab.jpg

 photo 1002310_10151496783207131_499344649_n_zps003572b5.jpg

All in all, it was an eye opener. Looking forward to even more of such events here in Singapore.
My biggest reward would definitely be meeting so many online scrappy friends face to face! We usually would only see each other on social media platforms like Facebook and instagram but it was really a joy to say hi in person! The power of a scrapbook community, so blessed to be part of this family!

 photo 1002545_10151496809342131_646316021_n_zpsa5419527.jpg

Till next time! More scrappy posts to come. Gonna dedicate some time to taking photos of the scrappy stuff that I have been busying with. Thanks for popping by!

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