Monday, April 14, 2014

Pinspiration | DIY decor.

DIY décor is all in the rage now. You have the pom poms, the paper lanterns, the tassels, the buntings to name a few. Let us take this a notch higher. I found some really brilliant DIY ideas that its so rad I want to do it for my wedding! All photos taken off Pinterest, my favourite spot of inspiration (I claim that it is better than Google.)

 photo 3d58ad3030581cb84065b3abe63b277b_zps9baee32c.jpg
Excellent way to use those fabric scraps!
 photo 4539e7cf7a2a20761a7e5e3ab1fc700f_zps87a4a1b1.jpg
I really love this one! I must try!
 photo b731f225fa60eaf46cfcce9b857ecc85_zps6e0ba2dc.jpg
Fancy, not your regular paper lanterns for sure!
 photo dda360f385ba624098679e7961f06b53_zps14547001.jpg
Yarn tassels anyone? (:
 photo d58b12200b184bc4d5ef7f97cd0d6fa1_zpsbfab7b16.jpg
The last one, it just takes the cake!
Such an eye feast. (: Hope these ideas have spur you on to create unique one of a kind event décor because I have definitely been inspired!

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