Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mini Album | Baptism.

6 August was special day for myself and Mr Ng, my fiancée. He decided to take that step of faith to be baptized. The whole journey towards this day was a long one. Both of us had to complete a 10 week course in church even though I was already baptized previously in another church. I have to admit, the 10 weeks was necessary. I felt very refreshed going back to basics and was a great blessing to connect with many other AMK Methodist church members.

A special event calls for a special project! To contain all the precious photos, I decided to capture these memories in a mini album! I used my favourite Dear Lizzy supplies- papers, stickers, die-cuts, chipboard, embellishments etc. I was biased, I wanted the album in my favourite colours, so its not exactly manly.
 photo 1146510_10151535296242131_90185148_n_zps0de08663.jpg
I used two pieces of mini canvases as album covers here and covered them with gesso and paints to create this subtle pastel hues.
 photo 1148891_10151535296082131_22288506_n_zpsbd4a0a6f.jpg
 photo 998776_10151535295557131_374313457_n_zpsf1e1e9ec.jpg

 photo 945998_10151535295642131_1488445861_n_zpsb07148e9.jpg

 photo 999871_10151535295537131_38390994_n_zpsfd0f9d75.jpg

 photo 995480_10151535295652131_799551474_n_zpsb4ba74aa.jpg

 photo 945830_10151535295662131_1514024495_n_zps62208a26.jpg

 photo 1185224_10151535295762131_218068992_n_zps2a5efd44.jpg
 photo 1185915_10151535295772131_956363678_n_zps8b6be198.jpg
 photo 1150221_10151535295542131_1425581476_n_zps489dfd37.jpg
 photo 1150988_10151535295782131_501922384_n_zps45e582b6.jpg
 photo 999124_10151535295902131_588496553_n_zps33bf1607.jpg
 photo 1148961_10151535295862131_236748208_n_zpscc76a4cf.jpg
 photo 1173678_10151535295932131_337150832_n_zpsdacbeadb.jpg

This is by far one of my favourite mini. Told Mr Ng I am keeping it with me for now. Haha!
Thanks for the sweet comments on Facebook and instagram of this album and of course, thanks for coming by!


  1. what a beautiful album Juanna :) see you on Sunday on our little crop :)

  2. Hey! its me again! hehe.. i saw my comment (up there) lol! btw, thanks again for coming to my crop Juanna :)

    I love the new look of your blog :) and i saw something familiar at the header.. pretty! :))