Thursday, October 3, 2013

Layout | X2

One of the shortest layout title to date. I was sitting there, wondering what would make a good title and I just couldn't think of one. Decided on x2, short (very short) and sweet. Heh! Decided that I should make a list of potential titles in my notebook so when I am dry on titles, I can refer to my list for some help!

 photo photo_zps69a15ed9.jpg
It was always something that I wanted to do on my layouts- scrapbooking an LO with the element of painting and drawing. It was really fun to whip up this LO with bright and happy colours. I used my new Windsor & Newton watercolour paints here. The colours were really bright initially and I felt that it was very much an isolated segment on the LO because of how striking it was. Decided to mute the colours by putting on a layer of vellum and then tracing the outlines of my doodle with my black Zig pen.
Drawing and painting on the LO or even mini albums would not be the last here. I have some more ideas to try. Thanks for coming by and all the kind words on my facebook & instagram. It is truly because of encouraging friends like you that keeps the passion of crafting alive! (:

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  1. Well done!! Love what you did on your layout. So bright and cheery. Thanks for sharing.
    PS. I too have a "book of titles" lol
    Have a great day :)