Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Made with Love is back!

 photo 1234104_10151601348312131_1285229071_n_zps89754f0d.jpg

After much wait, my favourite scrapbooking store is back; bigger, better & brighter! *cheers* Had to be away in Malaysia on their grand opening day so I could only make it down on Saturday. Again, it was so meaningful not just because I could shop again in my favourite place to be but I met so many scrappy friends again- Gen, Aida, Ai Yen, Carol, Debbie, Jie Ying, Junni, Jesslyn, Jasmine, Alice, Jeanette, and Eliza! Hehe, you can tell I'm excited to see these people!

I love everything about the new place- organized, bright, spacious, I love the see through classroom too! There is so much familiarity and closeness in MWL that makes it such a special place for all of us.
 photo 1239931_10151601348337131_1183336555_n_zpsd878d445.jpg
 photo 1187275_10151601348452131_1347827969_n_zpse3ab25c0.jpg
 photo 565057_10151601348392131_1089752290_n_zps0c64b26c.jpg
 photo 537976_10151601348677131_1512697313_n_zps00cc8787.jpg  photo 1237090_10151601358957131_1551917981_n_zps8d5ba7b4.jpg
So good that you're back!


  1. Juanna! It was good seeing you that day. So fun to meet you in person! I hope you are happy with your purchases. I am sure you were.. See you in the stores if we meet. (:

    1. Hey Jeanette! good to see you too!! (: haha yes am happy wif purchases! bringing a friend to Mwl on Thu to cont. shopping :p take care and hv a good week!