Friday, December 20, 2013

My Christmas List.

My favourite festive season of the year. The air would be filled with strains of Christmas carols, busy shoppers shuttling around buying gifts, the entire street of Orchard Road would be decorated with sparkly tinsels and clothed in reds and greens, the list is exhaustive. Yes, this is Christmas, my favourite day of the year.

In line with this happy occasion, thought I would share my Christmas list. These are things on my hit list!

From the left:
1. Silhouette Cameo- The "mother" of all cutters. Enough said. The mister got me this one for Christmas! Can't wait to start cutting!
2. Saltwater Sandals in brown. I do not know why I am so taken with this pair but I am and I have since ordered myself a pair over Amazon! Hah! Talk about patience.
3. The Flower Recipe Book. I am smitten by the beautiful pictures of these wild floral arrangements. Reviews says that the book's easy to follow instruction will guide reader in putting together their own bouquet easily. Yes please.
4. Silk Screen printing. A class I would really love to go for in 2014. Imagine the things I could do thereafter!
5. A frivilous desire: A pair of tortoise shell raybans! 
6. Am a huge fan of the volkswagen camper van so its not surprise I would want it in the LEGO version. Of course if I could just take a spin or even own a real one, that would be fab. But for now, models of the real thing would suffice.
7. A Singer sewing machine. My future scrapbook room will be perfect with one. Just saying. ;p
8. Mulberry Soft Leather Hobo. The braided strap and bag's slouchiness took my heart away.
9. A mint green coloured KitchenAid. This would of course make a perfect kitchen too. Heh.

So what's your list? Blessed Christmas and God bless you! (:

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