Thursday, June 16, 2011

special project for a special milestone

the 3 years mile stone is reaching us very soon. slowly but surely, by the grace of God, boyfriend and i have braved and weathered the many ups and downs, good times and the times where change overwhelms us. i'm excited at what life would bring us in the years ahead but right now, a scrappy project is a must to celebrate.

thought long and hard what have i not made for boyfriend (he says his room is turning into an art gallery. heh). decided to use the 12x12 canvas i purchased a month ago to work around with. was very happy with the progress. i misted the canvas just yesterday night. if you know me, misting can be terrifying because i have not quite mastered it but thank God, it turned out the way i would want it to (: think soft yellow and blue hues with some blending in between with the accidental swipe of the tissue paper! but the accident was a good accident because i love it!

did some precision cutting on some websters country estate + other papers. still working on it, not even half done but i'm positive i will like the final turnout. (: thinking of stamping and embossing too tonight, can't wait to get home to give it a go. so here's my wordy updates on what i have been up to.

and also i want to give thanks to Justina for the cat kit! okay so i don't have a cat but i have an "adopted" stray cat around my work place. i say that counts in some sense. :p heh.

i guess you scrappers should have heard the awesome news about Amy Tan and American Crafts collaboration? excitement was seriously bursting out of my veins there and then! i can't wait to lay hands on whatever's coming up. and i can't wait for Smash too. decided i am going to get myself the black folio.

God bless your week!

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