Thursday, December 30, 2010

one LO done and a card to go.

yes, i managed to churn out one LO last night for something that will be revealed only if my first step of faith works out that is ;p gonna be working on another card tonight, teehee.

no photos yet till i am all done! (: and i am happy because i managed to clear out some older craft materials especially that white mini picket fence by using it on the LO. yay! so now there's more space for new materials? *wink*

but still, its an exciting week for me, with the meeting of a deadline for my step of faith and new year's eve and new year plans. haven't gone around thinking of resolutions yet but i believe this time, i'm going to be even more realistic to keep the resolution list short and precise so that i can achieve them instead of leaving the goals for show.

okay, i'm outta here, have a blessed new year everyone! (:


  1. Hi Juanna,
    Regarding your query, you need to take the photo of your LO by either:
    (1) putting your LO flat on the floor, and taking a photo directly above it or
    (2) Propping your LO up against a flat surface (or an easel) and taking the photo.

    Either way, you just need to try to position your camera such that all 4 edges appear equal... then you can just crop off the excess background later.

    Hope this helps! :)