Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a world of possibilities!

knowing how much possibilities my passion in scrapping can lead to, i am so much more motivated to work towards it.

i know i shouldn't be all that ambitious but i gathered since i am still young and have that energy, i should not let my youth go to waste.

so its my goal to:
- pick up new techniques
- go for the SDU basics and master prog
- attend technique classes
- read up
- be daring in experimenting
- learn to sew
- pick up painting again from where i left off years ago (kind of regretted quitting my art classes when i was young. 6 years of drawing and painting should now be put to good use ya?)
- break out of the rut, think out of the box, rid of that structured mindset of mine!

when all that's accomplished and i feel really ready and confident, i will try sending my applications out to design team calls to get some first hand experience. (:

and then i can think about taking scrapping to a whole new level!

exciting journey of creating yeah?

anyway, Made with Love's got loads of promotions coming along this Nov! because its their 7th birthday! awesomeness! its time to get some inks, and stock up on somemore scrappy products for my December break. i'm anticipating a whole lot of scrapping to do and maybe a class or 2 to attend (:

check this link out for the promotions & coupons!

i was also featured in the recent Made with Love blog entry:
they featured my first layout and i am really happy, a first! truly an encouragement and a great pick-me-up.

mood's been pretty low lately due to an overwhelming work and school stress. guess there are things i have to let go in order to experience the better things in life i may have missed out on as i whallow in self pity. God is good and i know i can cling on to Him in my dark valley experiences. Amen.

and the last update, i received my creating keepsakes magazine yesterday via airmail. thanks piradee for the chance to win! there's so much to learn after giving the mag a good browse. very psyched to try making my own emblishments.

no artworks for now till the end of nov, after my papers (:

p.s something i learn last week: scrap materials need not come from the shops, it could be anything from your day to day living, like servettes, bottle covers, newspapers, old toys, tissue boxes etc adding bits and pieces of things from your daily life adds meaning to your LOs.

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