Tuesday, March 1, 2011

rants ):

allow me to rant. ever since attachment started within my own organization in order to clock 400 hours of social work practice, i've been like a mad woman, not literally but you get the picture. attachment doesnt feel like it because i'm still a staff but workload's increased and i find myself not enjoying what i'm doing now. i hope it gets better after i finish clocking those 400 hours ): i have more cases now, a mixure of adult, children and youth issues. i  have to run groupwork too which depletes my battery very quickly. God, need more strength from you!

i made a card for a friend in NZ on Sat, will find time to snap some photos to share. going to find more time to do a card for get sketchy's sketch challenge. rather coincidental that a card idea i had last week matched the sketch so i'm going to join the challenge for the first time  (:

okay so this is just a short post to let you know i'm not missing in action heh. have a good week! and pls pray for me!

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