Saturday, February 19, 2011

scrapping withdrawal symptoms!

ahh my title says it all! its just work work school school! haha withdrawal symptoms! just looking at what the other scrappers have been creating really makes my hand itch to do something to.

okay, i'm going to be real diligent! i'm going to do my homework tomorrow (really need to stop this procrastination game) and scrap something or at least half of something at night ): a card or an LO, whatever, as long as i get to play with my papers, inks, ribbons, flowers. aye, you get the picture haha ;p

my sister got me this mini white birdcage from her trip to HK but the baggage handler kind of damaged the bottom part alittle so i'm fixing it with my scrappy tools. great to be putting the tools for other uses! after the cage's been fixed, alteration begins. that's if i come up with some ideas. mental block until my assignment's submitted. but definitely shabby chic or gardenish- lace, chiffon, butterflies, flowers, leaves & if i can manage to find a real fake bird- preferably a blueish robin (like i can so easily find one eh? ;p) etc.

but the best best thing that got me real happy is being able to bring some scrapping essence to a classroom of small children, well, children with some troubling family issues. not really scrapping in full swing but the previous batches used to decorate their own journals. the journals are meant for the kids to write about their feelings and for us to affirm them with replies. i suggested letting this new batch we are working with to do a patchwork cover for their journals. meaning after every session, the kid gets a special patch made from cloth or paper, they decorate it based on the theme of that session and they stick it on their cover. they collect the patches to form a book cover for their journal. at the end of the day, they bring home their decorated journal and also a good experience (:

a little background about what do- i normally do counselling and case management for families with financial issues but have recently requested to take up some child cases. so gonna get 5 kids assigned to me from the school. each 10 indiv sessions, in addition, groupwork sessions where activities are conducted and also sessions with the parents. so that makes up the STAR prog under the enhance step up prog for primary schools. oh and the scrapping fever is catching on in my office too. 2 of my female colleagues expressed their interest to scrap and they want to scrap with me. so fun! (:

okay time for me to head to bed to get myself for a diligent day ahead tml! (: blessed night (:

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