Thursday, September 27, 2012

Love List // right about now.

being close to God/ Bible/ his hand in mine/ slow walks/ scrapbooking/ sunshine/ rainy days/ home decor/ smell of books/ peonies/ wild flowers/ a good cup of tea/ polka dots/ paperbacks/ stamps/ inks/ a good book/ old english/ antiques/ typewriters/ cartoon- madeline/ art journalling/ coffee art/ quaint cafes/ wood/ feminist movement/ all day breakfast/ stray animals/ stories/ poems/ architecture/ design/ washi tapes/ red post boxes/ shoes/ soft pillows/ old shop houses/ streets made of bricks & cobblestones/ strawberry ice-cream/ roald dald/ fighting for a cause/ picnics/ lawn grass/ emma watson/ kombi/ cakes/ bread/ a good pair of denim/ quirky things/ my pair of unmanicured hands/ arrows/ to do lists/ beancurd/ watercolours/ strawberries/ cotton candy/blog/ tumblr/ pinterest/ movies/ harry potter/ twilight/ vintage cameras/ knits/ travelling to new places/ photography/ planning our future together.

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