Saturday, February 12, 2011

facebook group- {We Share} Scrapping Circle!

can i exclaim that i love the facebook group function? i think its an awesome tool to link people together and to coordinate events and stuff. so to fully utilise it, i've started two! groups haha! one's a private group for the foodie lovers in my office. and.... brainwave! i started a group for scrap lovers ;p okay or perhaps for now, friends in my circle who loves or are keen to start this scrappy hobby. the group's called "{We Share} Scrapping Circle". its an open facebook group btw so you can join the group if you like to. just search for the group (: reason behind the name is ofcourse to share ideas & resources! also, to link scrappers up from different backgrounds, forming lasting friendships. ofcourse its gonna take alot of time, effort and initiative but i think its worthwhile to give this a shot (: and don't worry, its a safe grp! if i do see any dodgy person lurking around the group, i'll give that person a boot!

i guess in Singapore, many a time, we get a little reserved about meeting new people, to do things together with people we have no connections with but i think in order to expand scrapping in Singapore, we have got to break that notion of keeping to people we know only. i am guilty as charged! i'm actually rather fearful about connecting with safe strangers. haha so here's to a changed me in 2011!

you know something, i dont really smile with my teeth since forever but i started to smile with teeth in 2011! okay, so random sharing i know.

sorry for this picture-less post. i'm working on the vday scrappy mini project right about now! have a blessed weekend!

*disclaimer* its okay to connect with strangers over craft discussions online but please please keep yourself safe and not come out to meet if you think there's something dodgy about the person okay? (: lol the paranoid me but i just want all of you to be well! haha

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  1. I can't wait to see vday project!! Post it soon!!
    And thank you so much for taking time to visit my blog and leaving such sweet comments. The tutorial is up! *winks*