Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Documenting reflections on a 12x12.

attacked my stash of AC's peachy keen papers awhile ago and came up with a layout documenting some reflections about moving forward and becoming more aware of what moving on from one point to the next meant.

been thinking about the things and friends that I had and some lost. i thought about the people i once knew that had also moved on from cliques that we used to be in due to differing lifestyles, interests, values etc. i used to take it quite hard when things like this happen but only come to realize recently that sometimes it is okay to move forward, to move on from one stage to the next even when there are times that we have to let go of some people. of course i do not mean to let go in that instant but rather, not to persist further when you tried very hard to salvage it because you know it will affect you more than you think. this taught me to cherish what i have right here right now and giving thanks to God who knows our coming and going, who knows our heart and our experiences. i also learnt to accept the face that things change and people change too. same goes, we have no control over. what is important is our personal walk with God, making sure we keep close to Him who's love and character is unfailing and perfect.

(some white paint splats on the gey cardstock, had fun doing it!)

(hand cut some faux film and punched those little holes using my new cropadile big bite!)

(distressed the arrows)


thanks for coming by my blog! hope your day's going great! (:


  1. This LO is so pretty! I love what you did with the arrows and the stitching. Overall, the page looks fabulous!