Monday, July 18, 2011

how can scrapping be made worthwhile?


after having scraped for awhile, there is just this nagging feeling/question/thought about the purpose of me scrapping, what am i doing it for, how should i go about it making scrapping something more worthwhile? i think many other scrappers haveg one through this phase?
then this other thought came to me (just a few seconds ago). what if i wanted to scrap because i want to document my adventures but sadly there are no photos to scrap because i havent been on anything exciting enough for me to want to document them? haha so many thoughts, so many questions!

ideally, i would love to be scrap about my personal life even if the photos didn't have evidence of me going to some smashing event or faces of people. i was thinking of scrapping a series of things that made me, defines me, like pieces of jigsaw puzzle coming together to form my likes in between scrapbooking memories from events, outings etc. the thought of doing little books (minis) crossed my mind as well other than just layouts although i enjoy layouts alot. i am a person who prefers a structured life haha so i need to categorize things. so yeah maybe i should start setting some tangible goals for scrapping and even for other things that i would like to try but haven't taken any action of.

so i will begin my journey of finding a comfortable and good way to make scrapbooking worthwhile, to be able to still join some challenges from time and time but not let that draw me away from the true essence of scrapbooking. would love to be able to connect with more scrapbooking friends. very blessed to know a couple of sg scrappers over facebook, even met some of them face to face through classes! am excited to meet more and ofcourse i'm hoping one day we can all really get together and hang out, that would be so much fun!

something more light hearted! attended a class by Emeline Seet yesterday at MWL. so fun! used Melissa Frances 5th Avenue Papers and stickers to make little album. altered and decorated a kaisercraft shelf as well. although we didn't quite finish the entire thing due to the time constraints but i really enjoyed myself thoroughly. meeting Emeline in person was really cool too and she is such a helpful and sweet teacher seriously (:

looking forward to more classes in the next couple of months but i got to start budgeting how much i can spend on classes soon because i am going to put myself through a stricter savings programme to save for my future wedding and costs that i would have to incur when i get my own house. doing up the sums caused me a wee bit of worry but all for a better future yeah? really telling myself to be rooted in God's promises even when fear threatens to take over. money has got to be spent more wisely now. need to be more prudent for the next 3 years- only spend on papers or embellishments if i know i will really really use it. learnt my lesson hard after packing up my room. i bought so much papers onlyto realize that I do not know what to do with them. the horror! haha!

my post's wordy! i will be back soon with a layout using mostly AC's peachy keen papers! been busy scrapping some really postdated photos. have a great week ahead!

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