Tuesday, November 15, 2011

indulge me.


warning, frivilous post ahead, indulge me please. (:

currently daydreaming/ craving for/ desires:

1. a cup of tea

2. mac & cheese

3. a hearty breakfast in a nice quiet cafe. (must have eggs, bacon, toast, butter, pancakes. love breakfast food!)

4. cardigans in different colours (esp one in mustard & one in that shade of green.)

5. pretty skirts & dresses in brighter colours. (i have too many solemn coloured ones.)

6. my future home. fernvale riverbow. (thinking of the deco, the appliances & most importantly my scrap room!)

7. gerbera daisies in varied colours. these flowers are starting to grow on me.

fyi, i cldnt get to sleep yesterday because my craving for mac & cheese was so bad. must. get. myself. a. good. hearty plate. of. mac & cheese! gah. any recommendations? or and if you know of a good place to have a christmas dinner at (shd include the christmas turkey), pls drop me a note here!

God bless!


  1. Owning a scraproom means more items to own! haha.. i understand that cravings that you are having for food. Hope u satisfy it soon!

  2. You SO crack me up!
    Me...I'm trying hard NOT to crave!
    Craving = Shopping
    And I'm trying not to do that...will
    have to wait for Santa!

    Hope you get all your cravings fulfilled! =)

  3. Love your list! Mine would include dark jeans that fit, now all my normal stuff doesn't fit post-preg! How abt trying to cook yr own mac & cheese? Quite easy to make ;)

  4. Tis the season for a list of much needed/wanted indulgences!December is a time to fulfil most of the items on your to-do list. Next stop: satisfy those cravings, babe! (Oh can I book you for a breakfast date?*smiles sweetly*)