Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Turned 25 yesterday, offically in my mid twenties now! Still in transition but looking forward to exciting times, more perspectives & new adventures!

Before my 25th, I had my share of good times when I was 24:

1. Took a plane for the first time to Hong Kong.
2. Conquered Bangkok.
3. Was on my first DT- Scrap with V.
4. I graduated! My favourite person graduated too!
5. We signed the lease for our new home.
6. Attended 4 weddings and rejoiced over the birth of a friend's baby, Jayden.
7. Experienced a 7 course fine dining for the first time at Dozo, with my favourite person.
8. Learnt Coptic Bookbinding.
9. Went for my first musical- Wicked.
10. Went for my first concert- Jayesslee.

There are more than just 10 awesome things that happen last year but I would have to say, I rocked my 24th, with loved ones, with friends, and lots of good food! And so 25th would be an even better year, I believe!

Check out my list of 25. Hope I can tick them off before my 26th!

Thanks for leaving me birthday wishes on facebook, instagram, textes and calls. I am blessed. (:

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