Wednesday, May 4, 2011

baking & food photography.

as the final exam nears, i'm getting really excited of the amount of time i'm going to have to finally do the things i want to do but have no time! that includes, cooking/baking, guitar playing (my guitar's collecting dust now, need some serious polishing!), bible study classes, outreach work (thinking of organizing some ad hoc projects for interested friends to join me. think painting orphanges, carolling in a hospital etc) and most importantly scrapping!!!

scrapping will branch out to participating in MWL's challenges (so so excited! i've never joined one, so this will be a first.), trying for calls (for the fun of it, still a long way to go for me, so much to learn hehe) and just scrapping because i love doing it so much! speaking of which. anyone has any idea what's a good storage method for LOs? am considering albums but they are pretty bulky. until i get my own place in 4 yrs time, don't think my sister would be too keen for albums to be all ard in our shared bedroom haha.

okay so yesterday night, after visiting all the scrappy sites as i would normally do everyday, i chanced upon a food photography blog. This lady's really talented and she got me all inspired! both in cooking/photography hehe. so from this photography blog, i recalled a blog i've stopped visiting for awhile another Singaporean who cooks/bakes really well, has lovely food photos for your viewing pleasure and so much more of her insights to food and her adventures. so these will be my regular lovely reads on top of the few links i've shared on my right sidebar (: let me know if you have other reading recommendations!

currently working on my cousin's 21st birthday guestbook. will be back with some peek-tures! after this sat (:

And yes, congrats to Made with Love on their up and coming new outlet in Indonesia! awesome ya! (;

God bless your week! am currently hooked on two korean-australian twins, Janice & Sonia's singing. ;p

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  1. All the best for the final exam! :)

    And try and

    Both food blogs make me drooooolll. :)