Saturday, May 28, 2011

life is great!

the air smells exceptionally fresh today! BECAUSE i'm done with the final exam paper for my 3 year degree programme! woohoo!

suddenly, i got so much time on my hands! i can do all the things i have been wanting to do! no more putting it off just because my school schedule doesn't allow me to! no more feeling guilty about scrapping ideas running through my head instead of the notes i need to memorize for school! hah! (:

basically i feel so free! to be able to explore, go on adventures, craft, scrap, bake, make music, learn something etc etc! so what will i be doing on my first day- post exams? SHOPPING! and it so happens, its the great sg sales now! dropping by made with love later to pick up my $20 voucher and use my birthday month discount wisely heh!

okay shall end my post and get myself ready for the afternoon!


  1. i agree! i can feel the GSS aura already =D

  2. Yippeeee! Congrats congrats! :) Enjoy your scrapping and other stuff that you have planned...

    Oh, and guess what, there's another giveaway going on on my blog again... could you help me spread the word to your scrappy friends? :) Thanks!

  3. Hi it is Kellyr from Scrapping the Moments. So nice to see you there. Congrats and I hope you enjoy your shopping and free time. You deserve it! You have some fantastic projects here on your blog. Beautiful work! Come visit my blog, too. See you around. :)