Friday, August 24, 2012

A Quick Card! (Edited)

I think I might slowly be getting back in the whole crafting thing, the creativity drought is passing by me, slowly, steadily. Taking little steps so I am really not rushing it. (:

Whipped up a quick card for a friend from Hong Kong who came by Singapore for a short visit. I made the card in less than 30 minutes. I am not really good with cards but I think this one seems decent enough. Heh.

The weekends are finally here! Trust that all of you will have an awesome one! Leaving you with a picture of the card taken by my trusty iphone. God bless!



  1. Hey Ju, I think this is a lovely card! I love cards coz I think they are never out of season :) And very hand to have around. :)
    Want to ask you for your base, is it a plain blue card and you stamped stars on it (and what do you use for that), or the stars are already printed on the card base? :)

  2. Hi! the stars are already printed on the patterned paper. it is from an old collection of papers under American Crafts- Amy Tangerine. (: